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April 22, 2011

Skoy Cloth Review

Kitchen sponges = Gross (in my book). There are some people in my house, who shall remain nameless, who always forget to squeeze all the excess water out of the sponge...then I go to pick it up hours (or days) later, and it's soaked with gross, old water (and who KNOWS what else....) Gross.

I was so excited to learn about Skoy cloths as an alternative to cleaning with paper towels and sponges, considering 2.5 million TONS of paper towels are filling up landfills annually. That's pretty gross too. You can find out everything about Skoy by reading their FAQ page, but I had to share that the biggest kicker for me in using a Skoy cloth is that one Skoy cloth is akin to using 15 rolls of paper towels! Pre-paperless-as-possible-kitchen, I was a paper towel addict. I could go through a roll a week. Ridiculous.

Using a Skoy cloth is super easy. You need to wet it with water prior to using. Doing this makes it go from feeling almost cardboard like, to feeling 'thick paper towel' like. After that, get to cleaning! Once you're done, allow it to air dry (note: it will dry in whatever way you lay it. If you lay it flat, it will dry flat. If you lay it hanging over a bottle of cleaner, it will dry in a 'hanging' U shape).
I confess, I'm absolutely addicted to my Skoy cloths! I received a 4-pack for review, I have two in the kitchen: one for dishes that don't make it into the dishwasher and another for cleaning the counters multiple times a day. I have a third one set aside for bathroom cleaning. The forth is waiting in the wings, yet to be used.

The cloths last through a lot of cleaning. I've been using the one on my counters for a month now, many times a day, and other than being slightly discolored, it still works as great as day 1! I've read that it can be used for over a year! I'm excited to see how long my cloths last.
I had read on the Skoy site that the cloths were dishwasher safe. Really now? So, here went nothing! I'm not sure if I didn't do it correctly, but the cloth came out pretty icky and, even with going through the heated dry cycle, was still wet, and didn't seem clean...

I also read that it was microwave safe WHEN WET! Doing this will kill any bacteria growing within the cloth. I tried this option as well. Please note: when removing the cloth from the microwave: it will be very hot. Give it a minute and then rinse with cool water and allow to dry. This worked well enough, felt clean...

And then I read that you can wash them in the washer! I've since started throwing my gunky (ie: I just cleaned the bathroom or my whole kitchen) Skoy cloths with our un-paper towels. This is definitely my preferred method of cleaning my Skoy cloths.

The cloths are a perfect size. And have two different textured sides:
Skoy cloths are made from natural materials (unlike sponges or microfiber cloths) and are completely biodegradable (ie: throw it in your compost if it reaches the end of its life cycle, or at least don't have a guilty conscience when throwing it out in the trash!)

For those of you with children who are school aged, you know fundraisers are always happening. Well, Skoy has a fundraising program! Your school will receive 40% of the money earned! (click on the link to learn more about the program if you are interested).

If you are interested in purchasing Skoy cloths, feel free to click here and start shopping!

Disclaimer: I received a 4-pack of Skoy cloths for review. All opinions are my own and you may have a different experience.