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April 12, 2011

Knickernappies Pocket Diaper

Knickernappies, a brand we have all heard of. But is it a brand we have all tried? I had purchased some of the Knickernappies inserts (SuperDoo and LoopyDoo) and was happy with their performance but I hadn't actually tried one of their diapers. I then got the opportunity to review their custom fit pocket diaper! I got the large size for my chunker. Medium probably would have fit him well but this fits him and what plenty of room to grow.

It is a side snapping diaper. The picture below shows the wings of the diaper and the snap options. The white part is the front inside of the diaper. You can see the snaps on the outsides of the tabs.

One thing Im not sure about on this diaper is the front center part where it is up against baby's belly. Where the elastic is sewn in there is no top sticthing on it so it kind of bunches and causes the fleece to pop out. You can easily tuck it in with no problems. Another shot of the snaps, wings, and tabs

And the inside of the diaper is all lined with a soft fleece.The insert that came with is microfiber. It is a long rectangle. One big difference I noticed was the squared corners. Every other insert of mine has rounded corners.
Here is the diaper on my little guy. As you can see the front part where the elastic seemed like it needed a extra stitch is just fine on my baby. Usually by the time you get it on him the fleece is all tucked in where it should be. I think maybe only a handful of times have I had pull the diaper up and tuck in the fleece.
Here is the butt shot. Its nice and trim and really cute. He is in the small end of weight for this diaper so he has plenty of growing room left.

Here is a side shot. The side snaps help to keep the diaper more trim in the front because of less bulk being there. The insert is also nice and trim.
I did also notice that the pocket opening is a bit smaller than all my other pocket diaper openings. I have bigger hands so I had to stretch the opening up to get the insert in but it wasn't a huge terrible tragedy or anything like that. I think it seems so different is party because the whole opening is sewn with elastic where as a lot of other pocket diapers just have a flap you tuck the insert into.
My thoughts:
-Overall very pleased with this diaper. I hardly had leaks with this and most of the leaks were nap time when he was in the diaper to long. I usually have to stick some extra inserts in all his diapers anyways but haven't yet with this one although I should so he can wear it a little longer each time. The quality of this diaper is great, I love the fit, it's nice and soft. I like the elastic in the front of the diaper to help hold that down. Most of our leaks are typically tummy leaks so having this elastic in there holds the diaper against him and keeps him from having those tummy leaks.

Have you tried Knickernappies diaper before? What do you think of them?


caedmen said...

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twitter: @caedmen
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Boise Wiebers said...

Thank you.

Leigh said...

I have a few of these (also in large) that I use for my son at night. I put an organic Flip insert in and it works great for us. The insert is usually only about half wet by morning. We've been very happy with these pockets. I think the medium might fit him a bit better (we get a bit of gaping in the legs) but we don't have any leaks, so I have no complaints. :)

Kristina said...

quick ? - Do we get ALL the extra entries every time we enter with a new suggestion, or just the entry for the suggestion?

Kristina said...

you get all the extra entries each time!

Unknown said...

How old were your kids when they fit into large but could have used a medium? I'm trying to stock up and found some large knickernappies on sale for $7!

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