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April 7, 2011

Diaper Repairs by Dandy Diaper Repair

One of my first diaper purchases, over 3 years ago, was half a dozen BumGenius 3.0 diapers. I bought them because everyone raved about them. I hated them. I was so bummed that we spent all this money and then I despised these diapers. I used them (being new to the cloth diaper world, I didn't know about diaper swapping sites, nor I didn't think anyone would buy them used!) Life goes on and we build up our stash enough that those diapers turned into emergency only diapers, and eventually, got lost in a box in the closet. The main thing I didn't like was the velcro, but the fit was weird too (or maybe we just have big kids!) ;-)

Backing up a bit, my very FIRST diaper purchase was a handful of Pocket Change diapers. When I mentioned to a friend that I was going to start using cloth diapers, she sent me two Pocket Change to keep! These were by far top-of-our-stash-favorite diapers. So, after 3+ years, these diapers had seen better days. The elastic was totally shot in these diapers. I wasn't too terribly worried with my toddler's poo, but my youngest was going to need them soon and I just didn't trust the mainly breastfed poo in these loosey goosey diapers!

Being a fan of Lauren's Little Lovies on Facebook for some time, I was browsing her Etsy shop and noticed she did diaper repair.

A few conversations later and this big box of diapers:
was headed to sunshiny Florida!

The box included:
  • 6 BumGenuis 3.0 that Lauren was going to convert to snaps

  • 5 Pocket Change that Lauren was going to replace front, back and thigh elastic
(Just FYI, diapers shouldn't lie that flat) ;)
(Nor should they look that sad!)
  • 1 Thirsties Cover that was velcro that Lauren was going to attempt to convert to snaps
  • 1 Pocket Change that had a "wonky snap" (snap broke) - Lauren was going to fix this as well.
Let me start off by saying that Lauren was AMAZING to work with. She was so patient through all my emails and questions and confirming (and losing her address. sigh).

She emailed me while she was working on the Pocket Change elastic and asked if I dried my diapers in the dryer or by hanging. My guilty conscience made me feel like a little kid getting sent to the principal's office. I responded, "I try to air dry as often as possible, but with two in diapers....it's just hard...."

And then she sent me this:
That's not poop on the diaper.

That's burnt elastic.

From drying diapers in a dryer!

Convicted. For sure. I felt so bad about what I had done to my diapers! I've done a much better job since that picture of air drying diapers (helps when it is 80+ degrees outside, hehe, but I've tried to be diligent about hanging inside even on not so nice outside days).

Then, I noticed a bright cheery picture on Lauren's facebook page:
My gorgeous diapers! I couldn't believe the color! (made up for the sad, dying elastic for sure!)

Before I knew it, my box of diapers returned from sunny Florida to not-so-sunny-at-the-time North Carolina...Bliss!

The half dozen BumGenius converted to snaps:
It screams spring!
The Thirsties cover converted to snaps - it works great, but looks like a lot of work went into making it usable as a snap diaper:

The Pocket Change with the wonky snap repaired!

And life returned to the 5 Pocket Change...and no more dryer time (unless I'm in a hurry!)

If you have some diapers that are in need of a bit more life, please visit Dandy Diaper Repair! Be sure to check out the discount page as well if you have a huge order to repair or are worried about cost! Lauren was fantastic to work with and I have her address saved (hehe) for when we need the next batch of diapers repaired!

Thank you Lauren for, as you said, "breathing new life" into our sad diapers! If you're ready to get your diapers repaired, head right here to inquire more info!

You can also find Dandy Diaper Repair on Facebook - be sure to stop by, say hello and that Cloth Diaper Addiction sent you!

Disclaimer: I was not paid for this review, nor did I receive any form compensation. I paid for these repairs out of my own pocket and want to tell the world what an awesome job Laura did!


shelby said...

they look great! i love the colors of snaps that she used. they look like brand new diapers!

Sarah Domis, MS, LPC said...

I would love to find out dandy diaper's information! I can't find it online and I have a handful of diapers that need a tune-up. I would rather ship them off than try and fix myself! I googled but nothing came up :(

Amy said...

I also can't find her info & your links don't seem to be working or me and I have some in need of repair.

Meg said...

I love the colored snaps! I had stumbled upon your blog looking for cloth diaper repair, but along with the other two ladies...I can't find any information for her.
Please help!

Thanks so much :)

Anonymous said...

Meg. It's Amy from the comment above. I also searched & could not find Dandy, but I found another woman & sent her my diapers. She took a bit longer then I hoped, but she did a nice job & was reasonably priced. Food luck.