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July 12, 2010

Camping in Cloth

Each year my hubs and I go out to our church's family camp for the weekend. We love seeing old friends and previous pastors and their children that we grew up with. Last year we only had one baby and he was in disposables. You change and you toss. Pretty easy right? Well this year we have two boys, both in cloth diapers. I was pretty nervous to say the least. Our cottage has no toilet, and only a hose for running water outside of it. Which meant that I would have to take my toddlers poopy diapers to the bathroom a little distance away to dump and rinse.

Friday morning before leaving I washed all possible diapers and ran them over to my moms for a couple hours to get some sun on the line. After picking them back up I threw them in the dryer for a final drying. As soon as the buzz went off I started sorting and stuffing, folding and snapping everything into its place. I separated the diapers into two baskets, one for each boy and loaded them up (along with way to much other stuff) and took off.

The weekend went pretty well with changes and everything else going on. My Mother-in-law was really helpful with changing the boys and took more poopy diapers to the bathroom to rinse out than I did! We kept our large wet bag in our room and we also brought our small diaper pail and wet liner just in case we couldn't fit everything in the large wet bag. We ended up filling our large wet bag and 2 medium wet bags over the weekend and we had 8 diapers left, 4 for each boy for the next day to wear while I did the laundry. I really didn't think I would have enough diapers to last the whole weekend and was so surprised to find out that I have a pretty good stash!

I was really glad I brought everything with me because while out there a cousin of ours who was up from Kentucky stopped into visit and she is due with her first baby in September and is planning on doing cloth! I was so excited and invited her into view my stash. I gave her a general run down of all the different kinds of diapers and liners that are available. It was fun being able to share information about cloth diapering with her.

Overall, I have to say that this experience went really well for us and I'm glad that I did it.

My favorite diaper for camping was:
The Bumgenius Organic One Size All In One
This diaper was great for camping for a few reasons:
-fits both of our boys (2 months and 22 months)
-no frills attached a.k.a. simple, quick and easy
-great for when you go swimming and leave the boys with grandma and she pulls two diapers out of the basket meant for your toddler and puts one on the toddler and one on the newborn because it fits both boys!


Jacqie said...

Hey, there! Found you on Cloth Diaper Bloggers.

BGs are our favorites too. We also have 2 boys, 4 months and 25 months. I'd love to share stories sometime. It's a crazy life!

Kristina said...

Very cool! I love having my boys close together, It gets overwhelming at times but I know they will grow up to be best friends! Already are! Would love to hear your story some time too!

danamarie said...

I Am glad that u decided to cloth diaper while camping thjats awesome as I chickened out! Grandma's washer only has cold water and that would not of cleaned the diapies good enough! I still have to agree the BG organics all in ones are the best I am still not crazy about the covers with the prefolds I am glad I have a 18 stash of BGS!!

Anonymous said...

Eeek! I have never tried cloth diapering outside of our home. I definitely want to give it a try though. I figure if so many moms can, I know I will be able to also! Thank you for sharing your story! :)

amy said...

We always take our cloth, even camping. Thanks to.the flatschallenge this year we took flats and woo. I brought my 5 gal bucket and plunger for handwashing. We did use some quicker drying fitteds for overnight.

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