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February 12, 2013

Lil Peeper Keepers

I am thrilled to be able to introduce you to a lovely WAHM today! Rebecca Lang is the mama behind Lil Peeper Keepers baby carriers. She sent me a woven wrap to review and Ava and I have been loving it! I asked Rebecca to share a little about herself, how her shop got started, what types of carriers she makes, and what her personal favorite carrier is.

I am wife to the most wonderful Preacher husband in the world and a SAH homeschooling mama to a son (10), daughter (8), daughter (6), baby girl in Heaven, daughter (3), daughter (1. 5) and a growing baby (which we assume is a girl!) due the end of July! We're happily busy, in case you had not gathered that yet!

Babywearing just makes sense . . . for you and your baby. They need security, you need your hands, and you both enjoy the time to cuddle. The security of a child held close is a reminder to me of my salvation in Jesus Christ. I asked Him to forgive me of my sins and save me when I was just a child, and He did. That look of complete peace on my little one's face as I hold them close in a sling or wrap, reminds me of the perfect trust I need to place in God for today and for eternity.

I first started selling in local shops in 2007, but soon opened a shop on Etsy, and then eventually was selling only online. I love the flexibility of online sales. I can sew during my free time (mostly at night), and can be making sales while teaching math to my first grader or peeling potatoes for dinner =)! Now that would be difficult to achieve with a brick and mortar shop! The business keeps my days very full to overflowing, but I love being able to help moms keep their babies safe and close while still being a help to my own family! It's also been exciting to see my own family be involved in the shop. Not only do the pictures show me with my own babies (I can think of only one exception there), but my husband is the photographer. My oldest daughter can also now iron the doll slings and has begun to package them up for me! My husband and I both look forward to the children becoming more an more a part of the family business.

I do offer ring slings, wraps, and pouches (limited number) on my site. I see each of them as having their particular niche of usefulness.
The pouch - extremely simple. Good in a supported (more like seated position) for newborns and for hip carry on toddlers. Very quick to pop on. Harder to be comfortable for long trips with heavier children.
Ring sling - very versatile. Quick to use. Does not take up much room. Good for shorter times and still comfortable (when worn properly) for even extended use.
Wrap - bit longer learning curve. My carrier of choice most times for a hiking excursion or very extended use as the weight distribution is incredible! Not as convenient to put on in a hurry (at least the long versions!)

Because I tend to babywear for shorter periods of time, the ring sling has won out for me overall over the years of babywearing that I have had. The type carrier that is best for you is largely determined by what you will be using it for. I tend to recommend that if customers can, they purchase a basic ring sling and a wrap. 

One thing that is very unique about Rebecca's shop is that all of the carriers that she makes come to you with a very helpful DVD that shows you exactly how to use your new carrier. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the DVD and learning some new carries for the woven wrap she sent me. I got the opportunity to review one of Rebecca's pure Tencel gauze woven wraps. Tencel is a natural fiber that is made from the cellulose of trees, and the tencel gauze that the wrap is made of is so lovely and soft!

The wrap was so beautifully packaged when I got it!

I received an indigo wrap and the color is just beautiful. Rebecca has the cute tag positioned in the middle of the wrap so that it is easy to locate the center for wrapping. The tencel fabric has a gorgeous crinkly look to it that I just love. It's very lightweight and breathable, but still very strong! 

The woven wrap gave me the opportunity to try a wrapped back carry. This carry is called a Double Hammock Carry, and I just love this carry! It's so comfortable with this tencel wrap, and Ava loved it!

Ava is just snuggled in there. Note how her knees are higher than her bum, so she has the correct seated ergonomic position here.

Here is another view of this carry. Ava's weight is distributed really well, and because the fabric is so soft it doesn't rub on her skin or leave red marks.

Here is a front carry with the woven wrap. Ava has had a rough couple weeks with teething, so getting a chance to snuggle with Mama in a lovely wrap is wonderful.

You always want your baby high enough that you can easily kiss them!

Overall, this wrap has become one of my favorite carriers and I just love the color and the softness of the fabric. Rebecca has generously offered to give a tencel wrap to one of YOU in the color of your choice! You can choose from black, indigo, chocolate, rust, jade, or sapphire.  She is also offering a 3 day discount code starting Feb 20th and ending Feb 23rd, so those of you who didn't win can still get a great deal on one of Rebecca's gorgeous carriers! The code is SPRING2013 and will give you 15% off before shipping and handling!

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Astoria Girl said...

I love the ring slings!

Rachel M. said...

Woven Wrap Baby Sling Carrier - Aqua Stripe medium weight I am due in April this one would be great!

Unknown said...

I love the wraps! They are gorgeous!

Growing Together said...
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Holly Wilson said...

It's hard to say what my favorite is since I haven't tried all the different kinds of baby carriers yet. But what I'd most like to try are the Tencel Wrap in the giveaway and a Ring Sling. I live in SW Oklahoma where it easily gets over 110 in the summer, so I need something lightweight.

Growing Together said...

I have yet to find a carrier that works for me. This wrap looks awesome! It's my favorite of the three!

Crafty Momma said...

I have never tried a wrap, but have always wanted to. Will have a newborn later this year.

Susan H said...

I love the woven wraps!

GingerG said...

This one! http://www.etsy.com/listing/49940378/woven-baby-wrap-sling-signature-series?ga_search_query=woven%2Bwrap

Little B said...

Woven Wrap Baby Sling Carrier - Seaside Dunes in Cotton - WIDE Width

So pretty!

Lady and the Bug said...

They're so beautiful. I might just buy one!

Unknown said...

I have a woven wrap from Rebecca that I love!!

The Verifiable Virgo said...

What a gorgeous collection of wraps! I love the tie-dyed ones. Especially the purple waves batik and the sunset ones. I foresee growing a new wrap collection.

Motherless said...

I would buy any of the silk wraps, what a great price!!

Laurene Hall said...

These are so beautiful!!! My Fave one is the Lemon Ice in Pure Silk. That one is just mind blowing :)

Tina R said...

love the ring slings!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm loving the woven wraps and her slings! they are all beautiful.

Melissa H

Stacey said...

I own one of her linen ring slings, and it is fabulous! I've been tempted many times, to buy a gauze wrap though. They look perfect for summer!

lace said...

I love the Copenhagen blue gauze wrap. It's a really pretty blue

Tired Mommy said...

I love sea and sand tie dye.. always wanted a sling!

Kimpiewimpie said...

I love my li'l peepers keepers tie dye sling. The colors are so pretty!

Rachel said...

My favorite carrier is the Baby Sling Woven Baby Wrap Carrier - Airy Cotton Gauze in chocolate damask

Megan said...

I love the chocolate stripe.

Pix said...

The woven wrap looks great! I really want a woven wrap but can't justify the cost.

Unknown said...

The woven wraps are all absolutely beautiful. I would love any of them, in any color.

Amanda said...

I like the Woven Baby Wrap sling carrier - Airy Cotton Gauze

Unknown said...

Key Lime Wrap

Charlotte said...

I would love to try the woven wrap... I love my moby, but I've heard the woven ones are even better!

Mary D said...

I love this patterned wrap:

ash. said...

I have wanted to try out a wrap! These are the best prices that I have seen!

Kristina S said...

This one is very pretty!

Unknown said...

Love the ring slings!

Unknown said...

the linen ring slings are gorgeous :)

One Southern Girl said...

I love her Baby Sling Woven Baby Wrap Carrier Airy Cotton Gauze in chocolate damask. So beautiful!

Beth R said...

I love the ring slings

Olivia said...

I love her woven wraps. The cotton gauze in Ocean Caves is very pretty!

Olivia said...

Oh, and that blueberry stripe is gorgeous!

kelly said...

I'd choose copenhagen blue.

kelly said...

I'd like to try a ring sling.

jennafish said...

Woven Baby Wrap - Handloomed Shortie Wrap - Baby Sling Carrier - Honeycomb - 4 meters, 4.4 yards - ltd edition
love this one

Aubree said...

Baby Ring Sling Carrier - Black and White Cotton Damask - DVD included - Get the LPK EDGE

Breanne said...

Silk Ring Sling Baby Carrier - Emerald Green

Unknown said...

I love the ring sling royal blue

Unknown said...

I love the chocolate damask woven wrap!

Unknown said...

I have one of Rebecca's wraps and love it!

Katy Emanuel said...

love Baby Sling Woven Baby Wrap Carrier - Cotton Gauze - Turquoise Gray Stripe

Jessica K. said...

the airy cotton gauze wraps look great

Amanda said...

I LOVE my linen RS! Still carrying my 21 month old!

Pietje said...

I love this woman and her shop! My raw silk ring sling is tough, durable, and stunning!

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