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February 25, 2013

Appleberry Pie

 Appleberry Pie, ummm Sounds Yummy Right? Well her diapers sure are beautiful! I have had the chance to work with Appleberry Pie for our WAHM and I can tell she has a true heart for cloth diapering and her diapers. Here is a little about Appleberry Pie.
"I have been making diapers for 6 months and selling for 2. I have been sewing since I was a child. I reside on a mountain top in Oakland, Maryland and can be found on facebook  and hyenacart.
I started sewing diapers when I was about to make a large purchase for 8 diapers, but instead used that money to buy fabric and sewed our whole stash for the same price. When I designed a pattern that I really liked, I wanted to offer it to others because I felt that it would truly help other families. I make both hybrid fitteds and all in twos, in both side snapping and front snapping styles. Nothing much else to share, other than that I am extremely frugal and earth concious which is the driving force behind the business."

 The diaper I received to review is an AI2 diaper. It features a half print across the back side in a fun and unique crocodile print. This is diffidently a stand out print in our stash. It's so much fun! The front of the diaper is a solid navy blue PUL and has nice green snaps that pop against the blue. This AI2 diaper is a side snapping diaper.

 Here is a side shot of the diaper. You can see the blue and the green together. The elastic around the legs is also very gentle against my baby which I love.
 Inside the diaper a soaker snaps in with two snaps at the back of the diaper. The soaker is twice as long as the diaper and very absorbent. With this long soaker you are able to adjust where you need more protection in the appropriate wet zone for your baby. We fold a little extra in the front for my boys. The front of the diaper has two snaps on each side.
 The outside of the diaper on the print you can see the wings have snaps across them. These wrap around the side of your baby and tuck under the front panel of the diaper to make it side snapping.
 Here is where the Appleberry Pie gets really unique. I have never seen this before on a diaper and I think its so awesome. The rise snaps are tucked inside the diaper under the soaker on the back. How cool is that? You don't get the funky bunching look of the rise snaps on the out side of the diaper. Instead you get a nice clean look that you would get with a sized diaper. Love this feature!
 Here is the rise snapped to the smallest setting. And when its snapped down the outside of the diaper does not bunch at all!
 A view from the top of the diaper. You can see on the bottom of the picture the front panel of the diaper, then the wings of the diaper and then the soaker.
 Here is the diaper on my Micah-man. It is adorable and I was able to get a great fit on him. I have the rise snapped to the middle snap and as you can see from the back here there is no bunching from the rise being snapped.
 Here is the front. A nice clean smooth look.

 The diaper is pretty trim, there is a little bit of a booty added but not a huge one. This is more or less due to my little guy being only 7 month old. As a baby gets bigger diapers tend to me more trim on them. I love the gentle fit around the legs that we got with how the leg elastic is cased in.
 and had to get a shot of the print with the pul.
 Here is a side shot. This shows how the printed wing tucks under the front blue panel and snaps on the side rather than the front. This helps eliminate extra bulk across the tummy. We have it snapped on the second snap in so lots of room for growing.
So far we are really loving this Appleberry Pie. My little guy is going though his pee spurt and can easily pee though most of our diapers but because of how absorbent this soaker is we have had no leak issues! YAY! I also tried this diaper on my 'refusing to potty train almost 3 year old' son and around the waist and legs we got a  great fit. There were 2 more snaps on each side that we could use to grow into so fit that way is great. However I did notice that the rise was a little short on him. We did get some crack in the back on him but he does have a little bubble booty on him so we will have to see how the diaper fits on Micah when he gets bigger.

Appleberry Pie can be found on Facebook and at their shop.

Appleberry Pie has also offered a discount code. 15% off of orders over $50 with the coupon code "fluffyaddicts" The code is good for the entire month of March! Happy Fluff Shopping