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March 18, 2014

Newborn Series: Oeko PoPo

Special Features of the OekoPoPo diaper:
-Cord Snap down
-Fits babies 5-18 pounds
-AI2 diaper so you can reuse the cover and just put in a new insert

The Oeko PoPo comes in 2 sizes. This is the size 1 which is great for newborns. It has a snap for the cord and also has rise snaps.
The Oeko PoPo comes in 2 sizes. This is the size 1 which is great for newborns. It has a snap for the cord and also has rise snaps.

When I first got it I was pretty blown away by the number of snaps on this cover. They are everywhere. It took me some looking and playing around to figure out what everything all goes to but it all makes sense. This cover features a adjustable rise, an umbilical cord snap down, and a snap in liner.The snap in liner is so soft. It has a nice fleece on the top that goes against baby's bottom and the bottom of the insert has what I believe is a layer of PUL for extra waterproof protection!

Here is the size 1 Oeko PoPo diaper on Micah around 9 pounds. I have the rise set to the smallest setting and you can see there is one set of snaps on the waist snaps that we left open. So this diaper can close pretty tight. You can also purchase it with optional cross over snaps.

The legs have a great fit on Micah with no gaps or openings in it to allow leaks. 

 How did this diaper work for us?
This AI2 system works great for us. I love the fit and that you can use the cover over again. The whale print is very cute. The legs are really neat how they are made with an extra piece of material to help prevent leaks. We haven't had leak issues with this diaper at all. The insert that came with the cover can hold quite a bit of pee and I love that the back of the insert has a backing of PUL for extra protection against leaks.


Boise Wiebers said...

I've been reading about these diapers and would love to win one to test out. Thank you.

April G said...

I've heard so many great things about these diapers! I'm excited for the chance to win one. :)

Beth R said...

We have the os of these and I adore them. I want to have another baby so I can buy more of the newborns :)

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Sophie van der Linden said...

Thanks for this post and your detailed review! I think it's awesome that cloth diapers are making a comeback. They're good for the baby's skin — but only if you change them often. That's definitely a big disadvantage.