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December 11, 2010

On the eleventh day of Clothmas

A grab bag of Baby Legs and a Budget Bottoms Diaper!

Baby Legs would like to offer one lucky reader a grab bag valued at $50! You can find my review for baby legs here .Each grab bag will contain 2 pairs of Baby Legs, socks and if you have a girl, a pair of tights!

Crunchy Angel would like to offer a reader a Budget Bottoms Diaper. I also had the opportunity to use and review one of these diapers. I was sent a microfiber insert and a hemp insert to try out. In the picture below you will see on the top left side the hemp insert. It is two pieces sewn at the ends and open in the middle to help with drying time. The top right picture is of the microfiber insert that is lined with fleece. It is placed inside of the diaper. There are two pieces to the inserts. A wider rectangle and a T shaped insert. They both snap into the over. The bottom two pictures in this block show a neat feature of this diaper. When you have the rise on the smallest setting you can snap up the tabs to help get a better fit for the smaller baby.
The top left picture shows the tabs folded up and the diaper on a smaller setting. The top right shows the diaper on the medium rise setting. There are 4 snaps across the diaper that you use to adjust the rise with. You can see in the bottom left picture, white that goes across the top front of the diaper. You fold that part down and snap together, then you fold that part back against the baby so that the inside material of the diaper stays on the inside. The last picture shows the cross over tabs.

Here is the diaper on my 6 month old. It is pretty trim.
My experience with this diaper:
This diaper was really hard for me to figure out. There are two inserts you snap onto the cover to use, one in the front the other in the back. The two inserts can also snap together. The rise on this diaper is also quite different than other diapers I have tried. Instead of the three rows of snaps that you just snap together, you have two rows that you can either snap up or down and then you can fold the front in. Once I finally figured out how to adjust everything I was pretty happy with this diaper. I love the cross over snaps feature. I also like that you can reuse the cover if your little one just pees. I haven't had any leaks with this diaper yet which is good. One thing I wouldn't mind seeing with this diaper would be wider inserts. In one of the pictures you can see that there is a lot of cover open when the insert is snapped in. That cover then touches the baby's skin. Its not the plasticy material on the PUL that touches the baby but a softer cotton material.

*The reviews above are of my own opinions and my experiences may differ from yours. I was not paid to do this review and the giveaway items will be sent directly from the sponsors. It is there responsibility to get them to you.*

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