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December 18, 2010

Pampered Mama Real-Shape Cloth Nursing Pads - Review

In August, we welcomed our third child into our family. Even though he is the third child I have had the pleasure of breastfeeding, I'm doing something with him that I did not do with the older two - I am using cloth nursing pads. With Keaton, I didn't even know they existed. With Benjamin, I was given a pair before being discharged from the hospital. I liked them well enough, but continued to use my trusty disposable nursing pads. Before Caedmon was born, I decided that a switch to cloth needed to be made.

I bought a pair that got great reviews, but were very thin, scratchy and reminded me of saucers (in size and shape). I hated them and was bound and determined to find something more "natural" looking. I was directed to Pampered Mama via Facebook and was immediately intrigued! Tanya at Pampered Mama is the creator of some great mommy things - boppy covers, labor/hospital gowns, maternity skirts, mama cloth and "Real Shape Nursing Pads"!

I purchased a couple pair and anxiously awaited their arrival. They came sweetly wrapped in tissue (a small feminine touch this mama of all boys enjoyed!)

My first reaction was how soft the pads were. Tanya states the pads are "made from 2 layers of thirsty bamboo fleece, topped with your choice of cotton flannel, cotton velour, organic bamboo velour, or minky."

And the shape is perfect - "Real-Shape Nursing Pads have a smooth contour to fit your natural shape, eliminating odd bumps around the edges, and no "perky nipple" points to be embarrassed about" - this couldn't be more true! I have worn these with nursing tanks and nursing bras and they are so discreet, I love them!

I will say that while these pads can hold back leaks, I did experience a major leak when my milk let-down on the side my little guy had not nursed on all night - but really, I wasn't surprised, as they aren't supposed to be "water"proof, so I wasn't disappointed. That was the only leak I have experienced and I've been using Pampered Mama's pads for over a month now - day and night!

I honestly have no complaints with these nursing pads. They are soft, discreetly designed with much attention to detail and a great size!

If you are interested in purchasing some Real-Shape Cloth Nursing Pads for yourself or a new mama, you can see what Tanya as to offer at the Envy Hyena Cart.

Disclosure: I purchased two pair of Real-Shape Nursing Pads from Pampered Mama for my own use and review. All opinions are my own, and your experience may differ.