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December 20, 2010

Budget Bottoms Review

If you readers remember I did a brief review with a giveaway of the Budget Bottoms Diaper from Crunchy Angel. I really want to be able to share more about this diaper with everyone.

When I got the diaper in the mail and opened it up I found the shell, and two inserts, one microfiber(with fleece liner) and one hemp. The inserts come in two pieces. One that snaps in the front and one that snaps in the back. In the picture below I have the microfiber insert snapped in the shell. The front insert piece is a bigger rectangle and the back piece is more of a T shape. I was confused at first the in the inserts because the rectangle insert can actually snap to the back side of the T insert. My guess is that it is like this for when they are clean and it allows you to keep them together so you don't have to search for both pieces.

In the picture above you can also see that there is quite a bit of the shell that is uncovered, however the PUL is not exposed but a soft cotton material. I don't like when the plastic-y PUL is against the baby's skin so this is a nice feature with this diaper. The inserts do seem small for the shell and I wouldn't mind seeing them made bigger to fit the shell better. The picture below shows the two pieces snapped together. A feature the hemp insert has is that it is sewn together on the ends but opens up in the middle to allow it to wash up and dry out way better than if it were one piece.

Okay on to the front of the diaper. This is a One Size Diaper. I will be completely honest and say that I was so CONFUSED! I actually ended up emailing my rep. for this diaper asking for directions! Turns out I was doing it the right way but I wasn't completely sure. On the front outside of this cover their are three rows of snaps. The top and bottom rows go all the way across with snaps about an inch-inch and a half apart. The middle row consists of 4 snaps. In the below picture you can see the top of the diaper is folded down about an inch. I have the top row snapped down onto the middle row (4 snaps), then when you put it on baby you would fold that 1 inch part (White strip that goes across top) down and under so that it is against the baby. That is one of the ways to adjust the rise of this diaper. You can also leave it how it is when you put it on baby without folding it under but you still would snap the waist adjustment into the same place leaving a tall flap across the whole belly.
In the next picture below you can see the other way to adjust the rise. What you do is snap the middle row (4 snaps)down to the bottom row. You would then put it on baby as is with out any additional folding. This picture also shows how many snaps are in the top and bottom rows of the diaper. I like how many there are because it allows you to get a good fit around the waist when putting it on the baby. If you need the diaper all the way unsnapped you just leave it all opened up and put it on baby. So after you figure out what rise setting your little one will need, you will have to make sure the tabs are correct. If you have the rise snapped up or down you will have to snap up the tab in a triangle like pictured below. Pretty simple.
If the rise is left completely open you would leave the tab unsnapped so that it is a rectangle. In the below picture you can see the snap that go together to make the triangular tab when you have the rise adjusted. Here are some pictures of the diaper on my 7 month old. It actually fit really well, which I was glad and surprise at. Mainly because I had such a hard time trying to figure out how the size adjustment worked. The tabs do allow for crossing over if you need that option.

Here is the diaper on the smallest setting. It is a very cute diaper.

My experience with this diaper:
Well starting off I wasn't to happy about the diaper. I almost was tempted to contact my rep and tell her that I was not going to be able to do the review but I asked her for directions instead. Once I got everything figured out I was very happy with how well this diaper worked. From my very first use of this diaper until right now as my 2 year old is wearing this diaper while napping I have yet to have a leak. This I find very impressive. I currently have on my 2 year old, the diaper with both inserts I received inside of it. I don't like how small the inserts are and how much of the cover is against the baby's body and would really love to see the inserts made wider. I am able to get a good fit on both of my boys with this diaper. They also make this for newborns that will fit a baby 4-15 pounds. I am not sure what weight this one starts at but I think it would have to be on a bigger sized baby, probably around 12 or so pounds.

Now your probably wondering if I would recommend this diaper to you. Well, Because of the success I have had with this diaper not leaking I would recommend it, as long as you have a bigger baby. Also, as long as you don't mind a little learning at first with how to use the diaper I would recommend it. Once you get it figured out you can put it on pretty quickly. My husband was even able to get it on with out a problem. I just leave it set to the correct rise setting and its good to go.

One neat thing about this diaper is that you can reuse the shell. Just snap out the dirty inserts and put a new on in. If the baby poops though you will not be able to reuse the shell. I have yet to have a poopy that stayed within the confines of the insert. The shell runs about $18 and they recommend getting 4-6 shells and then they suggest getting about 18-20 inserts. The inserts run $15 for three of the microfiber and $21.95 for three of the hemp inserts. That is of course if you plan on using these are your only diaper. You can also easily use a prefold with this shell and save even more money.

Please let me know your thoughts and questions below in the comments section. I would love to hear what you think of this diaper, especially if you own and use one yourself!


Janine said...

I hate it when a diaper takes figuring out. If it isn't pretty obvious it is generally not a very well-designed dipe in my opinion.

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