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December 1, 2010

On the first day of Clothmas...

On the first day of Clothmas, Cloth Diaper Addiction gave to me:

Some beautiful dryer balls, a soft, cozy, fleece soaker and a Snappi!

Have you ever used dryer balls? I never had until Shelly from Green Belle Designs sent me two to use and review for our '12 Days of Clothmas.' I was pretty excited to get them and then when I finally did I loved how cute they came packaged! It was like getting an early Christmas present!

I got to pick what colors I wanted and so I picked Lime green and turquoise. I love these colors! They are so nice and bright.
With this being my first ever dryer ball experience I was surprised at their size. I was thinking they would be way bigger, like soft ball size, but they are more baseball sized. In the above picture you can see they both can be held in one hand with fingers wide open. I have been using these balls faithfully with not only my diapers but other laundry as well. They are holding up excellent, but obviously do not look brand new anymore. I had been having issues with my dryer taking forever to dry anything. I would have to do at least 2 full cycles on hot to get anything dry. PAIN PAIN PAIN! Laundry takes for ever as it is not to mention having to dry one load of clothes/diapers 2-3 times each! I have found that with these dryer balls my drying time has cut in half. Depending on the size of the load I can do just one dry cycle or one full cycle and an extra 20 cycle to get my clothes/diaper completely dry. These also help to fluff up your stuff! Love them!

Not only does the winner of day one get a pair of dryer balls but they also will get to pick out their own customized Fleece soaker from Winkydinks!

Winkydinks sent me this adorable soaker to use. This was also a first for me. I had never used fleece soakers/covers before so I was excited to see what they are all about. The inside of this soaker has an extra layer of fleece through the middle for extra protection. I love how the leg and waist holes have a nice complementary color band around them.
I got a size medium with an extra high rise to use. So far I have only used this soaker with fitteds underneath. I would like to try it with a prefold, which I think would be less bulky, but I don't have a snappi and I am not going to use pins! I liked how high this went up on my 6 month old. I don't have to worry about it going down and the fitted poking out of the back. The leg holes also fit great. I also am able to use this soaker on my 2 year old but I think the rise is as low as I would dare go. Any lower and we wouldn't fit a fitted under it. (He's super tall). I usually wash this with my normal baby clothes and it has washed up great so far.

So what do you use under the fleece soaker if you don't have a fitted? PREFOLDS! Oh-no! You can't just lay the prefold in the soaker like you can a cover (at least I can't). Well the lucky winner of this day gets a Snappi too! When I first started cloth diapering I purchased a Snappi, I used it once and decided I didn't really need it so I returned it! I think this would be so handy to have now that I'm exploring more and more new cloth diapering methods.

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