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October 7, 2013

Bummis 'Best Ever Bib'

We have three boys. So we know messes. Especially with our 3rd son. I swear there is not a single thing he eats that doesn't have some part of it ending up on the floor, on me, on the table, under his bum etc. Food ends up every where! Its insane. I have to vacuum any where from 3-5 times a day! So any little help I can get is truly appreciated.

Bummis contacted me to try out their new 'Best Ever Bib.' I'm always up for a good test so here we go! 

The Best Ever Bib

This bib features a wide shoulder covering, so when your little one turns their head their mouth is wiped off on the bib and not their shirt. It also has a nice large pocket that goes across the bottom of the bib to catch any food that does not make it in the mouth. This reduces the amount of food you find under their bottom when you take them out of the chair!
The bib also features 2 snap sizing options for around the neck so if you are using it on a smaller baby you use the smaller setting and larger baby, larger setting. The snap is very strong and durable. 

 Here is our little test subject. He LOVES to eat and if I let him he would eat 24/7. I am very scared for when this little guy is no longer little, more the size of a teen...my grocery bill is going to be frightening! 

Micah loves to eat pancakes for breakfast, so do his brothers. I love how wide the shoulders in the bib are covering his clothes to prevent them from getting all yucky. 

The ultimate test...spaghetti night! You can see in the picture the pasta dropping down, down, down and going into the pocket of the bib! Now, not everyone ended up in the pocket but a lot did so this was very handy to have!
 The pocket does a pretty good job of staying open while being worn. I will sometimes pull it open after I put the bib on just to make sure it is ready to do its job. 
 We love a good mess!
 The messier the better!

Overall I have been so happy with this bib. It has done a great job catching as much as it can to help reduce the amount of mess Micah can make. It also washes up FANTASTIC! We have yet to get a stain on it. Which is pretty awesome. The material used to make the bibs is the same material that is used to make the Bummis diaper covers. The prints are super adorable as well. 

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