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July 18, 2011

Dustie Bottoms

Let me introduce a WAHM who has some really cute items. I found out about Dustiebottoms through a giveaway and I happen to win so I got this super cute diaper cover pictured below. She custom made it just for me and I do have to say that its great! Read below to learn a little more about DustieBottoms!
-How long have you been making and selling your items?
I've been sewing since my first daughter was born, so about 14 years. But I've been selling my sewn items for two years now.
-What inspired you to open your store?
You want the long version or the short lol? When I was pregnant with my second son I realized that we were BROKE and were going to have two babies in diapers at the same time. So I started researching cloth diapers. And I was stumped on how to get a stash of diapers with no money to do so. So I started sewing my own. They sure weren't pretty back then, but they were functional and I was hooked on cloth diapers. And you all know what a slippery slope that is! Sewing diapers was just so much fun that I was sewing up way more than my two boys could use, donating them to a local charity that helps out needy moms. And I found that by using cloth diapers, being on forums with other parents that cloth diapered, I was becoming more concious of the other disposabe habits we had in this house. So I started looking at becoming more environmentally concsious, and leaning more towards attachment parenting.

-What kinds of products do you sell?
I sell mostly what I've been inspired to make, or what we as a household will/do use, so what I stock changes from time to time. But mostly it is diapers, menstrual pads, reusable coffee sleeves and tissue holders, and snack bags. I'd like to start making un-paper towels and just going for an all around cloth friendly shop. During the holidays I make Hot/Cold Therapy Sets that are absolutely a gift worth giving or just keeping for yourself. They are awesome!
-Tell me a little about yourself, your family etc
I'm 34 and have 5 wonderful kids. I have the honor and challenge of staying home with them thanks to my wonderfully hard working husband. In my other life I was a critical care nurse and once the kids are all in school I'll be returning to that, though I hope I can have the best of both worlds and continue with my sewing for others. Let's see, we're going to be moving soon to our dream home (not that it's a dream yet, it's a major fixer upper lol), on 2 acres in the country so we can try to lead an even more sustainable life. And where I'll have my very own sewing room!! Now that is exciting!

Along with my diaper cover DustieBottoms sent these two cool reusable snack bags. They are of course CARS which my son is a total fan of. We have used these for quite a few different things.
They have a snap closure and are surged all around the edges.The inside material is a nylon (windbreaker type of material) and the out side is a cotton print.
There are two different sizes (That she sent me) Both are great for different items.We have used these bags for food and toys. My son loves to stick his cars and tractors in the larger sandwich size bag for when we go to gammys house. We have also used these while garage sailing and I put marshmallows or pretzels in them. They worked great and are easy for my boys to hang on to.

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