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July 15, 2011

Lexies Lip and Lotion

Todays WAHM hand makes some great products for us Mommys, we all deserve something special now and then so let me introduce Lexie from Lexie's Lip and Lotion

-When/how did you decide to become a WAHM?
I became a WAHM about 3 months ago. I used the products for myself and had an abundance that I thought I would just try to sell. The response was overwhelming, so I decided to start making it specifically to sell. I love my products and wanted to share them with others.
-What made you decide to open the store and sell the items that you do?
Well, like I said, I used the products myself. I was looking for a lotion that was less expensive than store bought lotion, and one that was better for your skin. After searching the internet I found a lotion recipe and decided to try it out. I also bought lip balm tubes and made lip balm from the same ingredients. The ingredients used are natural and very good for your skin.
-What kinds of items do you sell?
I currently sell a lotion bar and lip balm. They are made from three ingredients (coconut oil, shea butter, and beeswax). They are available in Original (unscented), Vanilla, Tea Tree, and Lavender. I have a chocolate flavor coming soon. I also hope to make deodorant, soap, and laundry detergent.
-Are all the items you sell made by you?
Yes, I order my ingredients then combine them for the perfect lotion and lip balm.
-Share a little about your family where you are from etc
My husband and I met in the youth group at the church we attended when we were younger. We both attended The University of Mississippi and got our degrees in education. I taught for 4 years before we felt like the Lord was calling me to stay home with our 2 year old daughter, Ella Grace. We soon found out I was pregnant with our second daughter, Nora Truth (who is 4 months old now). My husband works as a private music instructor where he teaches mainly guitar, bass, and drums. We are excited about my new business and can't wait to see what God does with it.
-Anything else you would like to share?
The three ingredients make the lotion great for: healing diaper rash, preventing diaper rash, calming eczema and psoriasis, preventing stretch marks, reducing aging signs, healing dry or cracked skin, soothing sunburn and itching skin, use on the face and body after shaving, insect bites, and other damages to the skin. It also contains anti-biotic properties and locks in moisture. It also stays soaked into the skin even after washing hands. To use the lotion bar you simply rub it in your hands until is melts slightly. You can also pinch some off and rub it into the hands until you can spread it all over hands and body.
Products can be purchased through the contact button on her facebook page, or through etsy

Lexie was kind enough to send me some samples of her products to try out. They came packaged in a cute little box tied up nicely with little tags. Very impressive!
(sorry about the sideways picture!)
The lotion bars are a nice size that fit great into your hands
She also send me a tube of her chap stick.
I have really enjoyed using Lexies products. I love the fact that she makes it herself and sells it so that she is able to be a WAHM. I tried out the lip balm right away when I got it in the mail and it went on so nice and smooth. I was very impressed. It did take me a moment to realize how you were supposed to use the lotion bars. Because its made with coconut oil all you have to do it rub it around on your hands and it will melt and once you have enough you simply put it down and your good to go! I have been using this lotion on my knees, they get dry after playing on the floor with my boys so this is nice to have for that. I also am looking forward to using it this winter when my hands get dry and cracked.

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