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July 12, 2011

For the Love of Bugs

"For the Love Of Bugs" is ran by a great Mama. Here is a little about her:

-What made you decide to open the store and sell the items that you do? I had a lot of interest in the things that I would make as baby gifts, holidays and birthdays, so I decided to give it a run and see how it worked.

-What kinds of items do you sell? We sell a variety of baby/child items including blankets, bibs, hooded towels and burp cloths as well as a variety of products for parents to include nursing covers, nursing pads and cloth wipes. I also make casual quilts (also known as rag quilts) in a variety of sizes.

-Are all the items you sell made by you? Yes! My husband and I run the business together, but I do all the sewing. :~)

-Share a little about your family where you are from etc I started making baby-related products when my daughter was tiny. We were disappointed in traditional receiving blankets...they just weren't quite big enough for 'real' swaddling. We didn't really like swaddling blankets because once they outgrew the swaddling stage, you're left with a blanket that you can't really use for anything (i.e. a waste of $$$). Plus, we are an Air Force family and we couldn't find anything that was both airplanes and pink. The best solution? Make it! :~)

I started with the receiving blankets...using a variety of fabric combinations to make the perfect blanket weight for each season. They are so large that they make traditional swaddling a snap (and are more flexible than a swaddling blanket because once your little one is out of the swaddling stage, you still have a useable blanket)...they are also large enough for toddlers and preschoolers!! Our little girl is now 4 and still uses several of her 'baby blankets'!! Since those first days of sewing blankets, we have expanded to making so many other products and been offered numerous opportunities to share them with the public. Our name is a reflection of my true love...my children. I've called my daughter Ladybug since she was a tiny little thing and my son became my little Bumblebee long before he was even born. So the name, "For the Love of Bugs", is not only cute and whimsical, it is a true reflection of why I do everything that I do...and you will always find a bug-related print in our inventory!
-Anything else you would like to share? I truly love what I do and the best part is that I can share my love with others while still being able to stay home with my children.
-Links to Social media and store you would like to share? For The Love Of Bugs

She makes some incredibly cute and fun items for little ones. She generously sent my two boys each a hooded towel and 2 wash clothes. I was able to pick out a theme/color that I wanted and she went and found this super cute construction material for the towels. These items have a cotton material on the outside and a terry material on the inside. These items are sewn with great care. We haven't had any issues with seams coming undone or anything.

These are our main towels now. We hardly ever use our old store bought baby towels. The only time is if these are dirty but I do laundry enough that that typically doesn't happen. My oldest son loves to put this on and wrap himself up. We use it for after baths, after playing in the sprinkler...what ever activities result in a wet boys allows us to use these. I love the size of the wash clothes. Perfect for my hand size to wash with yet easy enough for my boys to hold on to and try to scrub as well.I also love that there is two different materials for these. My 1 year old HATES having a bath...strange I know...so having the nice soft cotton on one side is great for washing his hair and the terry material is great for his dirty feet and body!
My Boys LOVE LOVE LOVE their "For The Love Of Bugs" Towels! Thanks so much!

For the Love Of Bugs can be found on Facebook

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