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September 23, 2010

Diaper Daisy

I got in contact with Katie from Diaper Daisy and wanted to know more about her and her story. She was more than happy to tell us about herself as well as her back ground with cloth diapering.

What kind of experience do you have with cloth diapering?

I had experience with Cloth diapers before I even had my first child. I was a nanny for a family who used Rumparooz so that was my first exposure to cloth. Believe it or not even though I had seen and used cloth it was not something I really thought about using with my own. Shortly after I had my son he began to exhibit signs of chemical burns from sposies. I was quick to find a solution and turned straight to cloth after a friend suggested it. I have been a Cloth-a-holic ever since!

What is the name of your store and where is it located at? My store is called Diaper Daisy. We are essentially located all of the USA because we are online but our home location is in the beautiful rocky mountains of Colorado.

How long has your store been open? Diaper Daisy has been in business since 2006. It has switched owners a few times but has kept its great customer service and products through any changes.

What was the reason behind you wanting to start up a cloth diapering store? When I first started in cloth there were little to no resources in my area. I had to drive 20+ miles to the nearest eco baby store. Since I am a true advocate to cloth I wanted to be able to share the joy of cloth diapers in my area and with the rest of the world.

What kind of products do you offer besides diapers? Well we have organic baby products like Lusa Organics wipe juice (the best wipe juice ever!). We also have leg warmers, burp cloths, nursing covers, wet bags, and a very cool diaper bag + baby carrier combo called the Kemby carrier. You have to check that one out!

Do you offer any programs/classes for parents? Yes, we offer cloth diapering classes at 2 locations in Colorado. The Nourish Family Center in Highlands Ranch and Belly Bliss in Cherry Creek. We hope to offer online classes via Skype in the very near future. We also offer consultations and support to any of our customers whenever they need it. We are in the process of mixing some Cloth Diapering parties for local families as well.

What is your stores address, website url, blog url, facebook page url? Website is here, Facebook and you can also follow us on Twitter.

What is the first cloth diaper you ever purchased and do you still use it? Also what is your favorite diaper to use on your baby if you still have one in cloth? My very first cloth diapers were Rumparooz, and yes we still use them everyday J. If I had to choose a favorite right now (its changes weekly I think) I would say SoftBums but Nifty Nappy fitteds with a Wool cover are a very close second.

I would like to thank Katie for sharing with us a little about herself and Diaper Daisy!

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