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January 23, 2012

Little Lemon Tree

Carrie from Little Lemon Tree contacted me asking for me to review a diaper for her. She sent me this cute Ooga Booga print OS diaper.
This diaper features a snap down rise, 2 rows of waist snaps, and elastic across the back and legs.
The inside of the diaper is made with suede cloth which is nice and soft.
I was sent a microfiber insert as well as a bamboo terry doubler. The microfiber insert has a snap down on it so you can snap it down to fit into the small rise settings of the diaper shell. I didn't get a picture of the bamboo doubler but it is super soft and trim.
Here is my 28 pound 20 month old wearing the Little Lemon Tree diaper. This diaper has shorter wings than my other diapers which with why it looks like its smaller on him. Instead of the tabs being more in the middle like my other brands this one is more towards the outside...don't mind the off centered snap job...my son never holds still for me to get diapers on! We also have this on the middle rise setting.
Here's his cute little fluffy bottom! It looks a little poofy but it actually had a great fit and wasn't bulky at all.
So far, we have had success with this diaper. I think pretty much every time I have taken this diaper off my son it has been filled...like poopy filled! Sorry for the TMI, but we aren't talking solid poo, we're talking poo that was soft and everywhere EXCEPT for out of the diaper. That's right. It held all that nasty inside the diaper. I think my boy has claimed this as his 'business' diaper! Anyway, we are enjoying this diaper a lot, the print is a lot of fun, it has a great fit, and has had no leak issues for us. We haven't tried it out for nap time but I am pretty positive that with the doubler it would work great for nap time.

Would you like to purchase a Little Lemon Tree diaper? Head to their Hyena Cart store to check them out and make a purchase!

*I was sent a diaper from Little Lemon Tree to use and review. I was not paid to write this review and opinions are always of my own and my experiences may differ from yours.*


Maria said...

I'd like to add this to my roundup but I don't see an end date. I've looked several times but maybe I'm missing it. If you'd like it added, could you please email me? maria at change-diapers.com Thanks!

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