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January 8, 2013

All About Me - Becca!

Hi! My name is Becca, and I am so excited to be one of the new contributors to Cloth Diaper Addiction. I've been so thankful for cloth diaper blogs over the course of my cloth journey so far, and I am thrilled to be able to now pass on what I've learned to other moms searching for information.

My husband, Ben, and I have been married three and a half years, and make our home in West Michigan where we both grew up. Our daughter, Ava, is 11 months old and is a sweet, spirited almost-toddler. We also share our home with three large lab-mixes who we have rescued from the local shelter. I worked as a quality control chemical analyst for a couple years post-college, but left that job to stay home once Ava was born and am now a stay at home mom. I have found myself "going green" in many other areas of our household since starting to cloth diaper, and I am passionate about breast feeding, babywearing, natural living, real food, and gardening.

My cloth diaper journey actually began back when I was in college! I read a blog post about the benefits of cloth diapers and was totally hooked on how cute they are. I bookmarked the post and a few years later when Ben and I were talking about starting a family I remembered that I had a great way to make having children more affordable. When I got pregnant with Ava I started researching like crazy and quickly realized how many options were out there, but rather than get overwhelmed I found myself addicted to the cute fluff.

We actually started using cloth in the hospital from minute one of Ava's life. My original plan was to start when we got home from the hospital, but once I found out that the hospital was cloth friendly I decided to just take the plunge. Ava's first cloth diaper was a Fuzzi Bunz perfect size extra small. Our stash started out with mostly pocket diapers from a few brands, but as I have tried more diapers I have broadened our stash considerably. I love trying new types and brands of diapers and I now have a couple diapers from most of the major styles! During the day I mostly use all in one or all in two style diapers these days, and for night times I have really fallen in love with the ease and simplicity of hemp prefolds or fitteds.

I am so looking forward to share my cloth diapering journey with you all!


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