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January 11, 2013

All About Me! Brielle

Hello, my name is Brielle! I'm am very excited to be joining the Cloth Diaper Addiction team. I look forward to playing a more active role in this great and supportive community.

I'm from Oregon and grew up in the Emerald City of Eugene (called that for it's dense forests and grasslands, not its possible location in the land of Oz). I currently live in McMinnville, Oregon which is a small town in the middle of wine country. My husband of seven years, one year old daughter, and pound puppy dog are my cohorts here in a wonderfully active neighborhood.

Many of my friends had children before we did and we so enjoyed following their adventures in cloth diapering. I hoped that I would some day be sunning and stuffing diapers for my own little ones bottom. My collection started with my sister-in-law, our Jen, sending me a BumGenius 4.0 and two wahm AI2's. They were so plush and luxurious that I wanted to wear them myself. OK maybe not out of the house. Next I got about 50 prefolds and some Thirsties wraps from friends and I was all set. I have slowly built up my BG pocket diapers because they are the easiest for my husband to use, but I love prefolds for their economical sense and durability. The only down side at this point is that my one year old is getting more and more squirmy so I've been having to literally wrestle her or give her a bottle every time I change her.

Here's the whole gang. Matt is a great husband/dad and loves to play with Coral, our daughter. He is great at making her laugh. He works in the sustainable energy field which naturaly leads to an interest in sustainable living. He supports my interest in cloth diapering and thinks Coral's big diaper bottom is hilarious.

Coral turned one is November and is pretty stoked about it. Coral is pretty stoked about everything, actually. She's an active, intense, and kind hearted girl. I look forward to every day with her, and then I look forward to every nap time!

We are enjoying life here in Oregon as we slowly remodel our old house, learn about baby products, and explore the world of a child.


Janine said...

Hello from just over in Portland! What a cute little family you have. Also very cool that you have friends who cloth diaper. I'm one of the first of mine to have a baby, and the first to cloth -- Hoping I'll influence the next moms-to-be!

Julie said...

Hello from over in Wood Village (near Gresham for those that have no clue LOL)! I love your daughter's name. And I'm totally jealous that you had friends who cloth diapered. I was the first among my friends, even though I was almost last having kids LOL

Brielle said...

Hi Janine and Julie!
It's good to have some fellow Oregonians here! I'm a bit jealous of you two since you live in the Portland area, there are so many local cloth diaper shops. When I make it in to town I always try to stop at one of the used stores to hunt for Thirsties covers. I mostly buy online but it's nice to have a community to support you in your endeavors. I hope that we can be support to eachother through here!
Take care,

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