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January 25, 2013

Breaking Down Prefolds

Prefolds were my first cloth diaper experience and are perhaps the most economical option. Many call them the "workhorse" of cloth diapers. They are one piece of cloth that has been folded over itself many times and sewn permanantly to an fixed size to wrap your baby in. There are really no limits to what you can do with a prefold. The larger are useful for changing pad covers, burp cloths, and rolled up as head props for baby.

There are a few poplular ways to use a prefold which are great to start with. There is a great video from a previous post that I linked at the end describing how to implement prefolds. Each person and baby may like something different and what you like may change. I know it has for me in the last year. The prefolds that I have are 3 different sizes of Knickernappies. Below is a picture of Coral, two months old, in a newborn prefold with a Snappi closure. Gone are the days of diaper pins for me. Snappies are hook closures and are fast and simple. In order to use a prefold like this, tuck one end beneath the baby, roll the sides inwards and tuck between the babies legs. Bring the back corners around the babies hips and attach Snappies at the side. Tug the front up until snug and pull the bottom down and press in to diaper. (don't worry, there's a video at the end that I reposted)
Prefolds need waterproof covers and my favorites are Thirsties, shown here in Size 1. This was a great way to use the prefolds when Coral was younger and had more runny poops. I never had a leak with a #2 in these dipaers. The only time that I had a leak was when they were left on overnight and an additional layer of hemp, microfiber or cotton would have taken care of that.
Prefolds are probably the most bulky diaper system but I don't mind as long as Coral can still do the Can Can, like she is here.
Now, as Coral is just over one, I prefer to simply lay the prefolds in the cover and put them on with no snappi. Below is a size 2 Thirsties Duo Wrap and a large Kinckernappies prefold. The prefold looks longer than the cover here on the right, but as it contours to the baby's body, it will fit well. Once the diaper cover is all in place, make sure the prefold is all tucked in under the leg gussets and at the waistline. If there is exposed prefold, there can be leaks at those points.
Here is a great video that I am reposteing here to give you a visual on prefolds in action:
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