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January 18, 2013

What I love - Brielle

I'm enjoying this week; reading all of the highlights in cloth diapering of my fellow writers. Please forgive the occasional repeat in today's post. Some of these are just too dang good to not mention again.

AIO: I only have a few of these but I love the fit of the Grovia on my long and lean girl. I don't think they'd be as near to my heart if I had a chunky child but for us we really enjoy the Grovia AIO with an extra snap in hemp liner.

Pocket: This is a real toss up between the ever-faithful BumGenius 4.0 with snaps and the Thirsties pocket diapers. Once again, the Thirsties have that nice trim fit but the BumGenius even with it's wide frame is one size and will be on her from around 12lbs to middle school? Gosh I hope she won't need them that long but they would probably fit her.

BumGenius' Flip cover is great. I use it in a few different ways and it always performs well. First with a prefold just folded lengthwise, then wrapped with snappies, then "flushable" inserts.

KnickerNappies makes a mean prefold. I have three different sizes acquired from here. They are soft, flexible, and absorbent. I went for the unbleached variety which is a healthy and easy choice. Some of that natural shadowing just blends in and fades once you get a chance to sun them. I don't have many sunny days here in the Northwest so it's good to have options.

I use Biokleen laundry powder. I use it for all of our clothes/diapers and it seems to do a great job. We all have sensitive skin so we use the scent free variety and only occasionally have to use Biokleen's Bac Out to deodorize the microfiber inserts.

Wetbag/Pail Liner: 
I'm going to have to echo the PlanetWise cry here. They are stretchy, durable, and plenty big enough to line a kitchen size trashcan. I am exploring some WAHM wetbags for travel but right now I just use a smaller PlanetWise bag with a zipper. 

 I made some double sided flannel squares about 6"x6" and they seem to work great. I also have a few old t-shirt squares that I sewed into similar squares and they are nice for a large mess.

Wipe Solution: Not everything has to be complicated and I think this is one. I use witch hazel, water, lavender oil, and a little rosewater if I'm feeling fancy. In a spray bottle this rough mixture works well. I am very excited to do a review next month on a spray that has a similar mixture but can be used for multiple purposes.

Butt Cream:
Organic coconut oil has worked wonders for us. It hasn't had any ill effect on my diapers and it's been good for diaper rash prevention and treatment. It's also great to spread the remainder of what is in your hands on your baby's legs and arms.

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