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January 15, 2013

What I love - Becca

Every time I get the chance to chat with another cloth diaper mama one question is sure to come up: "So, what's your favorite?" It's simultaneously the best and the worst question to have to answer. It is so hard to pin down a favorite when there are so many fantastic options out there. On the other hand, the great thing about talking favorites with another cloth diaper mama is that you're bound to hear about some awesome new diapers that you just have to try! So without further ado, here are my (current) favorites.

AIO - The All In One that I reach for the most and just love is from AMP Diapers. I have a few of their Stay Dry AIO diapers in the old style with snaps. Sadly I don't think they make the ones with ruffled legs and snaps anymore so my few are all I'm going to get! They have four layers of microfiber sewn into the center, topped with buttery soft fleece, and finished off with the ruffled leg style. The absorbency in these is just fantastic, and the fit is perfect for my skinny-waisted girl.

AI2 - I am really liking my SoftBums Omni All in Two these days. The Omni shell can be used as either a pocket or an AI2, but I don't have the patience to stuff it so I just snap in the insert and use it as an AI2! The absorbency in the Super Pod insert that I have holds up really well to Ava's heavy wetting skills. My SoftBums AI2 is my favorite to use for nap time these days.

Pocket - Pocket diapers are one category that I don't struggle to choose a favorite in! My all-time favorite pocket is the Blueberry Deluxe pocket. It is a one size pocket and the fit on Ava is just so perfect. She has chunky thighs and a skinny waist so fitting diapers can be tricky, but the Blueberry Deluxe works perfectly for her body type. The other thing that I love about these pockets is how easy they are to stuff with their nice, wide pocket opening.

Cover - Likewise, my favorite cover is the Blueberry Coverall. I can get a great fit every time on Ava with these covers and they keep in moisture like none other!

Prefold - I love my Smart Bottoms hemp prefolds these days. They have great absorbency and are great for either stuffing pockets, tri-folding in a cover, or even folding and pinning with a Snappi under a cover!

Fitted - Right now the fitteds I reach for the most are the Kissaluvs Organic Hemp/Cotton blend fitteds. We are using them for nights under our Blueberry covers, and it is a great trim and absorbent night time solution!

Detergent - We have used Soft Bottoms cloth diaper detergent by Selestial Soaps since day one of cloth diapering and have had great success. I just love my Soft Bottoms, and for an added bonus I have discovered recently that the owners of Selestial Soaps are neighbors of mine!

Wetbag/Pail Liner - I love my small wet bags from Smart Bottoms to use in my diaper bag for outings, but I am in the market for a new big wet bag for Ava's room. If you have any suggestions of a big, durable wet bag for next to our changing table, let me know in the comments!

Wipes - I really like wipes that are just flannel on both sides. I have some that have sherpa or terry cloth on them, but since I have hard water they tend to get rough quickly. Flannel wipes stay nice and smooth, so they're gentler on a baby bum!

Butt Cream - We have used California Baby diaper cream since the beginning. I swear by that stuff! One application and any diaper rash clears up within hours. 

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