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January 7, 2013

All About Me - Kristina!

Hello and WELCOME to a whole new year here at Cloth Diaper Addiction! 2013 will bring on a lot of great things and I hope you are all looking forward to whats to come. We have three new contributors on the blog which will be a lot of fun. We also had 2 of our previous contributors have to back down from writing due to family and timing. We will miss Terra and Joy greatly but we are more than pleased to welcome aboard Katie, Becca and Brielle. You will get a change to get to know them a little better in the next couple of weeks as we introduce ourselves and share some of our favorite things about cloth diapering.

Now a little about me. I am Kristina, the mama who started up Cloth Diaper Addiction in June 2010. My husband David and I have been married for almost 7 years, we were high school sweet hearts and have been a couple since June 2002.  Kind of crazy to think that we have been together for over 10 years! Together we have 3 amazing and totally different little boys.

Elijah is our oldest and just started preschool this past fall. I contemplated cloth diapers with him when we found out we were pregnant with #2 (he was 10 months old) but I had no idea what I was doing and no clue how to research what was out there. I purchased some gerber prefolds, plastic pants and some pins and tried it out one time. Yeah, that didn't go well at all! So back to disposables he went.

Ezekiel is our middle child (for now) and he was the reason I started cloth diapering. I wanted to be a SAHM and in order to do that we needed to cut back costs somewhere. I did some more research and low and behold found a local mama who has a store selling cloth diapers right out of her home! SCORE! So I headed over to her house when Zeke was 1 month old and purchased my very first cloth diapers. Yes, I went with prefolds and covers because they were the cheapest way to go but I was now educated on how to use them which was so amazing! I tried cloth out for a month and loved it and loved not buying disposable diapers and so we switched Eli over to cloth as well.

Micah entered the world and we put his very first cloth diaper on him when he was 3 days old. We used the disposables at the hospital but used a Totsbots Tinifit on him to bring him home. That was our first experience with newborn cloth diapers and they are so amazing!

We have 2 in cloth diapers at the moment and the washing machine is going non stop with all the clothes that  3 boys make and a few loads of cloth diapers a week. I love cloth diapers, I love talking cloth diapers and I love hearing about more and more friends who are switching to cloth diapers. What ever the reason maybe for the switch its great non the less!

It may be a busy life, but its our life and I love it!
 (photo taken a week after Micah was born)