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January 16, 2013

My Favorites-Katie

We've been cloth diapering for 18 months now, and during that time, we've found things that really work for us, and have had a few types of diapers that didn't work quite so well.  Here are a few of my favorites for my little guy!

To be honest, I'm not positive what brand of prefolds we used, but when Myles was an infant, we LOVED prefolds with covers!  I thought they were the best bang for our buck, and they held in EBF (exclusively breastfed) poo.  We very, very rarely had leaks of any kind using prefolds.  And even though we use mostly pockets now, I'm definitely planning on using prefolds again when we have another baby.

My favorite PUL cover, especially to use over prefolds, were our Thirsties Duo Wraps.  They have the extra gusset around the leg, which helps to prevent leaks, and I loved that they came in two adjustable sizes.  Even though that meant buying more covers, we got a better fit, especially when Myles was littler; I sometimes feel like one-size diapers and covers can be really bulky on little babies.  So I liked that Thirsties had two sizes with the snap-downs available on both!
SBISH wool covers
I also love using wool covers, especially for nighttime and naps!  We never have leaks, unless the cover needs to be re-lanolized, and they let Myles' bum breathe, which is perfect for any rashes.  It's also one of the few solutions we've found to nighttime.  My favorite wool cover is our Sustainablebabyish (SBISH) Wool Soaker.  Although they're pricey, they're definitely worth it.  They're so thick!  And they have beautiful colors.

BumGenius pocket
We use a LOT of brands of pocket diapers around here.  I started looking for deals before Myles was born, and have continued buying different types to see what works best for us.  I think my favorite pocket diapers are our Bum Genius pockets.  We just get a great fit with them.  I love that they have the extra PUL on the inside top of the diaper, which really prevents a lot of leaks.  I was concerned when we first started using them because they don't have cross-over snaps for the waist, but it honestly wasn't an issue!  They also have a nice flap to cover the opening, so if I'm using microfiber inserts, it doesn't open and touch Myles' skin.

SBISH Organic Bamboo Fitted
We had a LOT of issues finding something to get us through the night.  But once I found Sustainablebabyish Organic Bamboo Fitteds, we never have leaks!  They're so thick!  We get a pretty good fit in them, and I feel like even though they're sized diapers, they fit a long time--we've been in a size Medium for almost a year now and it's just starting to get a little small.  I use a wool cover (often SBISH as well) to get us through the night, and its seriously almost leak-proof.

We haven't used many types of creams, but one I love is CJ's BUTTer cream.  It goes on nice, isn't too thick, and smells delicious!  We've never really had a "rash," but if a diaper is left on too long and we get some redness, this clears it up really quickly.

We've tried a few different types of detergents since we've used cloth, and my favorite is Allen's Naturally.  It comes in a giant, gallon jug and lasts forever!!  We've used it for almost a year and have never had to strip our diapers.

Our favorite wipes are the hemp cloth babies wipes from Babee Greens.  They're still soft, even having used them for almost a year, and are thick enough that I feel like my hands will stay clean :)

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