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January 24, 2013

Breaking Down Cloth Diapers {All In Ones}

All In One

One of my favorite things is helping new mamas learn about cloth. Because there are so many options (sized/OS, styles, brands etc) it is nice to be able to get some real feedback from people who use them. You can find a lot of information online about the different types of diapers but not all of them include specifics. This week we are helping to break cloth down in a way that you can understand it and see the different styles and types of diapers. And as always, feel free to ask a question! 

With an All in One (AIO) the name basically says it all. Everything is in one piece, connected in some way or another. The All In One (AIO) diaper is the diaper that most resembles a disposable diaper and has the same ease of use as one. They are very easy to use and probably most preferred by Dads because of the simplicity of them. There are also several different types of AIOs and I put together a small group of them to show you.

Generally AIO diapers have a waterproof outer with an absorbent inner that is all sewn together. Unlike pocket diapers, the absorbent layer cannot be taken out/off and therefore they have a slightly longer dry time.

Some AIO diapers have the inner sewn completely around the edges and you have no access to the underside of the absorbent layer.

Here is an example of a Koala Huggerz diaper that has the absorbent layer completely sewn in. The particular brand comes with a booster that is safe against baby's skin and helps with additional absorbency.

Others have the absorbent layer sewn just on the front end and the back end with the middle edges open and everything lays flat.

This is a BumGenius Elemental diaper. It has the absorbent layers sewn at the back and front ends. This helps with dry time significantly. If you needed some additional absorbency, you could tuck a hemp insert underneath the two layers. This style can be tricky with small babies as you have to figure out how to fold the access without creating a bulk.

There are also some that have a pocket style opening to add extra absorbency if needed. 

This is a Thirsties duo AIO. It has the absorbent layer sewn on the sides at the leg area and the back and front are left open. You can add in extra absorbency at the back/front if needed. (Although this particular diaper can hold a lot!)

BumGenius also recently released this AIO which is different as well. This is the FreeTime. It has one end sewn but not the other on two different absorbent layers. This makes dry time on this a lot faster as well.

All In One diapers come in both Hoop/Loop (velcro) and snaps depending on the brand. They also come in either sized (NB, S, M, L) or OS (one size) again depending on the brand.  

Pros of AIOs:
*Easiest to use
*Most similar to a disposable (helpful for Dad or Grandma)
*Typically have a trimmer fit on baby's bum
*Most convenient
*Great for nighttime

Cons of AIO:

*One of the most expensive options
*Longer drying time since everything is connected
*Tend to need to be stripped most frequently than other styles 

Here is a list of the AIO diaper reviews that we have posted on the blog.

All In One Diapers:
-Bumgenius Elemental 
-SmartBottoms 3.0 
-Thirsties (v. 1) 
-Tots Bots Easyfit (V. 2)
-Tots Bots Easyfit (V.3)snaps 
-Tots Bots Easyfit  (V.3)aplix
-Tots Bots Easyfit (V. 3 intro)
-Ragababe (Dana's Review)

These are just a few of the different brands out there. Many companies now have different versions and slight variations to their AIO diapers. My personal favorites for AIO are the Chelory and BumGenius Elementals.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask! We love to share what we know about cloth!


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