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January 14, 2011

Kissaluvs Marvels Diaper

I got the chance to review a Kissaluvs Marvels diaper.The Kissaluvs Marvels diaper features cross over tabs and three different rise level snaps.

The inside of the diaper!! VERY SOFT and easy to rinse poo off!

the tabs have two snaps for a easier and better hold. They also feature cross over tabs.
Here is the front of the diaper showing the different snaps across the waist and for the rise.

The Kissaluvs Marvel is an AIO diaper. It does have a pocket that you can add extra inserts/doublers in to if needed. But the neat thing about this diaper is that even though its an AIO, its not all sewn together as one solid clump of material. To wash, you simply hold the insert at the opening of the pocket like in the above picture...And then grab one of the side tabs and pull down. The insert come our of the shell but is still attached. This is great for washing and allows the insert to get nice and clean. I did forget to pull this apart before putting it in the wash and it separated on its own!

My experience with this diaper:
The diaper is very easy to use and is not a bulky diaper at all. There is no stuffing involved. The insert is sewn in so all you have to do is pull the diaper back for washing and then when its done washing you pull it up and its all set to go. So easy!

This diaper is nice and trim on my almost 2 year old.

I like the snaps because they are harder for a toddler to pull off.

I LOVE this diaper and will for sure be getting more of them! I did not have to put any extra liners in the diaper when my son was using it. I also did the overnight experiment with this diaper. I have been having problems finding a diaper that will keep him dry and he stayed dry in this with no extra liners. I love how tightly it gussets around the legs. It snaps up easy and gets tight enough around the waist too!

If you would like to see a Kissaluvs diaper head here , their website is very helpful. To purchase one from them it is only $22.95 which is not bad for a AIO diaper!