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January 20, 2011

Humphrey's Swift Strips

We have been avid teething tablet users since our oldest son first had the tale-tell signs of those first baby teething breaking through. Depending on where we were shopping, the coupon we had and the specials being run, we would buy Hyland's, Humphrey's or the store brand. All seemed to work equally as well for our older boys - instant relief!

As my youngest has started the teething journey, we have found that the pellets or tablets we had used previously weren't doing the job for him. My mom purchased a box of teething tablets for us she found on sale and they had a couple samples of teething swift strips made by Humphrey's. As a mom eager to take away the pain in a safe, natural way, I was all for trying these new strips, but for whatever reason, I kept putting it off.

Well, Monday night, we lost power at our house. I walked my screaming, gnawing, drooling baby around by candlelight, who was totally unhappy with any carrier I tried and only wanted me to hold him upright and super tight. Then and there, I knew I had to get some teething relief in his system. As my husband was calming the fears of our older two, I was left trying to figure out how to dispense the tiny tablets one handed...in the dark! I then remembered the teething strips. I felt my way around the kitchen counter, trying to remember where I had seen the sample pack last. Success! I opened the thin package and said out loud, "IT'S EMPTY!" I couldn't see anything by the candle light. I hit a button on my phone for some more light and found the nearly clear strip sitting inside the package.
I put it inside Caedmon's mouth, and no joke, within 30 seconds, the strip had dissolved, he was calm, looking at me with his goofy grin, and eye lids starting to get heavy. I sat in my favorite chair and began to rock and sing to him. He continued to make lovey eyes at me for about 2 minutes and then drifted off to dreamland.

He took an amazing, early evening snooze and was so happy the rest of the evening (until chow time - no teething strip can fix that!)

Not wanting to wake the snoozing baby who fought so hard for sleep, my husband and I were texting each other from across the room while waiting for the power to come back on about the success of these strips. The consensus: we WILL be buying more Humphrey's Teething Swift Strips. ASAP!

My mom found these Teething Swift Strips at Walgreens, but I also saw them available on amazon.com and just about any online drugstore.

Humphrey's Teething Swift Strips are Lactose, Sugar, Aspirin and Ibuprofen Free as well as 100% all natural.

They are called "Swift Strips" for a reason: not only do they dissolve quickly, they get to work just as fast!

Disclaimer: I was not in any way paid for this review. The samples of Humphrey's Teething Swift Strips were included inside a box of Teething Pellets purchased by my awesome mommy. :) All opinions are my own, and you may have a different experience. Please discuss any medication with your child's medical care provider.


lush said...

yes they make the baby sleepy and they def. do the trick my baby (kai) is only 2 months just turned 2 months on the 10th and is teeting terribly i was so blessed to find these strips at walgreens...

Sirena Calderon said...

My baby loves these and takes them with no problem... They only sold them at Walgreens and now for some strange reason Walgreens told me they discontinued them... I am not happy about this at all. I have driven to 6 Walgreens in my area and none of them have any boxes around. We may need to list locations that actually sell them. That is how I found your blog. I was searching desperately online to purchase them.

hawk said...

These strips are magic! I've been to over 20 Walgreen's and only been able to find 3 boxes! Where are they all? Walgreen's Distribution Center says they were Discontinued...Humphrey's says that the demand was so high they sold out and are trying to get more made - that's a way different story then Discontinued - who is right? I don't care, just make more!

Anonymous said...

I too am desperate to find these as they are the only thing my son will take when he needs something to help him when a tooth is being stubborn. I have check 3 different Walgreens & 3 CVS pharmacies with no luck! If they are discontinued, we will be really bummed out.

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