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January 28, 2011

Eco Sprout Review

Eco Sprout is a newly developed detergent made by a WAHD (work-at-home-dad)! He was frustrated with all the detergents he tried as nothing was getting rid of the ammonia smell. He set out on a mission to find a solution. His requirements:
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Biodegradable
  • 100% natural
Each batch of Eco Sprout is handmade and close attention is paid to each mixing. You can read more about how Eco Sprout came to be here.

I was originally sent sample backs of Warm Vanilla Sugar and Lavender Chamomile to try out. The first test came in the first soak (highly recommended by the creator of Eco Sprout). I allowed the diapers to soak over night in a machine filled with hot water and 3 Tablespoons of Eco Sprout. When I checked the washer in the morning, I was confused, as I didn't see any proof of the detergent "working" to pull out the funk and grime. I continued to wash per the directions. And, even though there was no visible proof in my washer of the detergent doing anything miraculous, the proof came out of the dryer. My diapers smelled so clean and fresh! I thought my diapers were getting clean with my regular detergent, but it turns out, I had just grown used to a not-so-clean scent!

This detergent worked perfectly on the diapers for my youngest. Not only did his diapers come out super clean and fresh smelling, the diapers didn't smell once he peed in them (another thing I had grown accustomed to!) The detergent did not leave a rash or seem to irritate his skin either.

My toddler however, got a horrible rash. I immediately contacted Eco Sprout, sad, and confused! They immediately shipped me a sample of In the Buff, their unscented detergent, to try for my toddler, as well as their seasonal scent, Cinnamon Sticks. I was also informed that all their detergents had since been switched to the formula for sensitive skin, so it not only works great, it should work great for everyone, no matter the skin type!

I re-tried my toddlers diapers in In the Buff with much improvement! His diapers came out smelling perfectly clean. I was worried about putting his nighttime diaper on him, but knew this would be the true test. Two things: 1) no rash this time! (Woohoo!!) and 2) no ammonia smell the next morning! #2 was huge for us, as Benjamin's diapers reek! Nothing we have tried has worked. We had pretty much decided this was something we had to live with as long as he was in a diaper for 12 or so hours. I was so excited to discover that it didn't have to be that way! More will be purchased for our diapers for sure.

I tried out the Cinnamon Stick scent on our clothes and it worked so well, even on my husband's work clothes (he handles car parts and his clothes get very greasy and dirty). They came out also smelling fresh and clean.

Eco Sprout comes in 6 scents (including unscented) and three sizes:
  • a 2oz sample for $1.75
  • a 24oz bag (24/48 loads)* for $7.98
  • a 48oz bag (48/96 loads)* for $13.98
*Eco Sprout is safe for top loading and HE machines.

Disclaimer: I received 5 samples of Eco Sprout detergent in varying scents to review. All opinions are my own, and you may have a different experience.