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January 1, 2011

Little Nurslings Sniffles Balm Review

Etsy is so amazing. I confess that I am slightly addicted. I'll often go on, go to their color chart and see what it has to show me. More often than not, I love what it shows me and I browse a shop and drool a little. For one who hates shopping in an actual store, it's great! One day it showed me what I might like, and there was a maple teething ring from a shop, Little Nurslings. Browsing her shop, I found Sniffles Balm - I had to know more. I read that it was an organic alternative to other decongestant rubs that contain petrolatum. More from the description said:

"Eucalyptus essential oil is best known for it's ability to help relieve congestion and ease breathing in colds, also helps relieve coughing and is anti-inflammatory. Only a small amount is added into the balm so it is not too overpowering!

Lavender essential oil is calming and helps with rest and relaxation when your little one isn't feeling well. ♥

Recommended for babies over 6 months and small children to help with nasal and chest congestion due to colds and flu. Works great as a winter moisturizer for all ages!
Apply small amount to finger tip and rub under the nose, massage onto the chest and neck......"

Winter is hard on our kiddos (and my husband and myself) - seems someone always has a runny nose or some congestion from about October through March and I'm always on the look out for ways to keep the snots and coughs at bay! This sounded like it just might help!
My Sniffles Balm came in a forest green organza bag with a business card - simple and to the point. And my Sniffles Balm couldn't come soon enough, the next day, we awoke to our oldest having a touch of congestion, followed by our second child having the same symptoms the next day. I immediately broke out the Sniffles Balm. My oldest is very leery of new things - he let me put the Balm on his chest, but did not want it on his face. My second asked for it "all over" his face, but settled for under his nose, ha! I also put it on his chest at naptime, and on his feet with socks when a cough appeared on day 3.

I could definitely tell a difference with their congestion and the cold seemed to be shorter lived than previous colds (it did stick around longer with my oldest son, probably because he was not as willing to let me put the Balm on him).

I also love that I can pronounce all the ingredients in the Sniffles Balm (even better, I can count all the ingredients on one hand!):
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Castor Oil
Canadian Beeswax
Lavender Essential Oil
Eucalyptus Essential Oil
If you'd like to see other neat things for sale, visit the Little Nurslings Etsy shop!

Disclaimer: I was provided a 2oz tin of Sniffles Balm from Little Nurslings for free for review. I was not paid and all opinions are my own, you may have a different experience.

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