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January 1, 2011

Radius Tooth Brush Review

I was contacted by Radius Tooth Brush to use and review a couple of their tooth brushes. I was able to pick out 2 brushes that I wanted to try out. So I picked the Intelligent Toothbrush and the Totz Toothbrush.

Here is some information about the design of the brushes:

"The design was revolutionary - nobody had ever thought of using very fine filaments or of using a large head to lower pressure on the gums. The idea of actually making a handle that responded to the right and left orientation of the world's population was regarded as scandalous. This design did not fit into one of those little slots that toothbrushes were sold from - that had been the main determinant

of the shape of a toothbrush for 50 years.

The head was an organic oval shape - the tufts of bristles arranged so that they did not line up in parallel - this meant that they did not repetitively track along the gum line and cause cervical erosion."

In the picture below you see 4 brushes. The two on the left are toddler toothbrushes and the two on the right are adult toothbrushes.
The two that are made for toddlers are an Oral B stage 2 toothbrush which is designed for children 2-4 years old. The Totz Toothbrush is designed for children 18 months and up and is the purple one.
The two on the right are an Oral-B toothbrush and the Intelligent Radius toothbrush.
I took this picture to show the size difference between the different brands.

Below you will find pictures of the Intelligent toothbrush. This brush come with a button on the handle of the brush that you can push and it will set a timer for 2 minutes and will beep every 30 seconds while you brush. The second picture is a close up of the bristles. The head of this brush is quite large and has a lot of bristles in it. The head is replaceable.
Here are the Kids toothbrushes (Purple is the Radius). They are pretty similar in size to each other.
The size of the heads are pretty close, the Totz by Radius is a little wider but not to much. It also has a good amount of bristles on it.
My thoughts on the Radius Toothbrushes:

-I used the Intelligent toothbrush my self. The bristles were pretty soft. I had a hard time adjusting to the size of the head on this brush. I had to learn how to hold my mouth open to fit the head because it was about twice the width of my regular brush. The reasoning behind the wide head on the tooth brush is to help reduce the amount of pressure on the gums.
- I had a hard time figuring out the timer on this brush. I knew to push the button to set it and it would beep every 30 seconds for 22 minutes but on the package it said something about there being a green light on the brush that would show when you needed to change the head. They recommend changing the head every 3 months. I couldn't find a green light on my brush but I think I knew where it should have been coming from.
-One thing that is nice about these brushes is that different parts of the brush are made from recyclable items. They even use recycles money to make some of their brushes!
-My son used the totz brush. Its hard to get the opinion of a 2 year old but I liked to help him brush with this because it was a little wider. It makes it easier to get to the teeth in a 2 year olds mouth. I was able to get more spots brushed because of this.

Over all these are pretty nice brushes. The prices are about average for tooth brushes, maybe a little bit towards the top range of brushes depending on the kind you get.

Would you like to buy a Radius Toothbrush? Check out their site here:

**I was sent 2 toothbrushes to review free of charge. I was not paid to do this review. All opinions are my own and my experiences may differ from yours.


Kristina said...

Melina, My son loves to brush. You could take her to the store and let her pick out a cool brush that she likes. Then let her do it! We give my son a brush and let him go at it for a minute then we take a second toothbrush and help him with a good scrub down. We also play a copy cat kind of game where I will brush my teeth and ask if he can brush the same way. Or I will say do the front teeth, do the back, do the sides and he loves it!

missy said...

hubby is a dentist and has never seen this one before; interesting!

Emily Blewett said...

Very interesting looking! I would love to try one!!

Allison said...

My three year old daughter loves to her brush her teeth. My 13 month old son fights every second (of the 15 seconds). He should be an interesting one...

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