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January 15, 2011

Bamboobies: Review

Bamboobies Logo text only

I admit when I heard the name "Bamboobies", I giggled like a middle schooler. But, when I read about Bamboobies, I was pretty amazed!

The quote right in the middle of the home page had me: "Like a cashmere sweater for my boobies..." SOLD!

I loved the "better, better, better" info on their home page as well:
*Better for You:
-super-soft velour soothes chafed nipples
-anti-microbial bamboo may help prevent breast infection**
-bamboo and hemp fabric absorb more than 4x more milk than cotton

*Better Design
-ultra-thin fabrics show less through shirts
-milk-proof: waterproof backing prevents milk stains
-not wrinkly or crinkly like disposables

*Better for the Planet
-bamboo, organic cotton, and hemp fabrics are sustainable and fair trade
-washable pads means no more waste

I received 2 pair of Bamboobies - the regular pair and an overnight pair. They came wrapped in minimal packaging, and my first thoughts were about how incredibly soft they were!
Bamboobies products
The Bamboobie family of nursing pads
Overnight Nursing Pad
The Overnight Bamboobie
Compare regular cotton nursing pads to Bamboobies
The Overnight Bamboobie compared to a Regular Medela Cotton Nursing Pad

Bamboobies unique construction
The layers of the Regular Bamboobie

OK, and how cute is the heart shape? I mean, I am boy mom all the way, but small feminine touches are great, especially when they serve a purpose. Bamboobies are heart shape designed to cup the breast better and the dip allows the sides to cup without wrinkling.

I have loved trying out these nursing pads. The regular Bamboobies are super thin. I was very worried that it would be almost too thin to wear in public, but they have performed like a dream every time! During my first nursing session of each day, I use the overnight Bamboobie on the opposite side and it has yet to leak on me. While I love the overnight for that purpose, it's a tad too bulky to wear under a nursing tank out in public (but have used it with a nursing bra with no problem).

These nursing pads are phenomenal and I would highly recommend them, especially to new moms! I can't wait until my next time nursing a newborn when I can really try out these nursing pads (in other words, you think these are nice now, 'ladies', just you wait til the next go 'round!)

**I never had any infections with my first two children, but I have had mastitis twice since Caedmon was born. When I read that these could potentially help with infections I was so excited. There have been a number of times that I felt like I was catching mastitis again, so in addition to my more water, more rest, less 'constriction' and garlic regimen, I would solely wear these nursing pads. I can gladly say that I have not gotten mastitis again! Was it because of my aforementioned regimen, or the nursing pads, or both? I have no idea, but I'm sure glad I've not had to endure that again!

Disclaimer: I was given 2 pair of Bamboobies, a pair of Regular and a pair of Overnight, to review. All opinions are my own. You may have a different experience.