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January 24, 2011

Zubels Review

One day while looking through one of my parenting magazines I seen an add for Zubels...now you are probably wondering what in the world Zubels is, right? Check out the pictures below.
Are you in love yet?

And some crinkly ones for the babies!

Here is a little about Zubels:

Zubels is an eco-friendly product for several reasons.

1) Zubels uses 100% cotton yarn. Cotton is a natural fiber and a renewable resource.

2) Zubels has minimal packaging. By not packaging our product with excessive and needless packaging there is less waste of resources and less waste for the landfill.

3) Zubels uses eco-friendly low-impact dyes.

What do you mean by Organics?

Our Organics collection uses 100% certified organic Cotton yarns. Organic cotton is grown without the use of harmful pesticides and is better for the environment. Zubels organic cotton is certified organic by the Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) organization. Each Zubels from our Organics collection is knit using 100% organic cotton and stuffed with a soft poly fiber fill making them snugably soft.

Zubels sent me on of their items to review. I received this totally adorable Santa Zubel.
I was so amazed at the kniting job that this toy had. The details were fantastic. The little beard and mustache are so cute. One thing that popped into my mind immediatly was the eyes, nose and ball on the top of his hat. Before I let my son have this Santa Zubel I gave it a good test of my own. I yanked on the ball and took a close look. The ball was knit right onto the hat and there was no way it was coming off. The eyes and nose were also knit right onto the face so no little beads to fall off and choke on.

Sideways picture but it shows the cute and simple tag that comes on the Zubel. The inside has the name of the Zubel in it.

Here is a shot of the back of Santa. Note again the great detail and bright colors.Here is a full front shot of Santa. He has this boots, belt, green mittens and is so cute!

Now to test out this cute Santa...num, num, num...
Yup, it tastes good...I mean he LOVES IT! Inside the Santa was a little rattle ball/bell which Zekey loved to shake and listen to. He also loved chewing on this. I however had to be careful when I picked it up because it would typically be a big ball of slobber. I think because it was knit it felt really good on his teething gums. His favorite part to chew on was the ball of the hat. I think because it was the hardest area of the Zubel. I am almost kind of bummed that I have the santa one because I just love this but I am a 'put away the holiday toys once the holiday is over' kind of girl. So Santa is packed away.

Would you like to buy a Zubel? You can find a store here by putting in your Zip Code! The pricing on these are actually really impressive. I thought they would have cost more than what they do. The Santa I got was only around $7.50!