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January 31, 2011

Smart Bottoms Review

When I first started cloth diapering I had looked into having a diaper party, mainly to learn more about cloth diapers and the how to's involved. So while searching I found Smart Bottoms which is a local company to me. I had hear a little bit about them but not a whole lot. Recently though, Christy from Smart Bottoms contacted me to see if I would be interested in reviewing a diaper or two for them as well as their diaper parties that they host around the country. Of course I jumped aboard on this. With this I got the opportunity to review their Smart One, their Smart Fold and their Smart Cover. I will start off with the Smart One.

The Smart One is the AIO diaper. All the materials they use to make their diapers are certified organic cotton and hemp fleece and are completely made in the U.S. which is awesome! The SmartOne diaper is a sized diaper and only is available in snaps. There are for great colors to choose from. I received the blue raspberry.

Across the front of the diaper is one row of snaps along the waist line and then there are two snaps that go down on the sides of the diaper. The diaper has nice tight leg elastic.

The tabs feature cross over snaps, always nice for the skinny babies. You can also see on the bottom left side a snap. This is for the thigh adjustment.The picture below is showing the waist snaps across the top then the two thigh snaps going down.
The inside of this diaper is almost entirely covered with their organic cotton, hemp fleece material.
Here is the Medium Smart One on my 9 month old. I didn't have to use the cross over tabs because he is a little chunky, it almost looks like I have it to tight by looking at the snaps and pul and seeing how it looks like its pulling a little bit but it was still loose enough where it wasn't going to leave red rub marks.
The back of the diaper has a great fit. Nice and smooth.

The front of the diaper is kind of bulky but not much different then having an extra insert in a pocket diaper in the front for a boy. It also dips down where the snaps are because the absorbent material stops below them so there isn't the bulk to make it look as level as other diapers.
I like this picture (below) because it show the thigh snaps well. I have it set on the larger thigh setting. These are nice and easy to adjust because they are on the edge of the diaper rater than going more into the diaper. So if an adjustment is needed you don't have to stick your finger way into the diaper to push against the snap. You can just do it right on the edge.

I didn't think this was to bulky for an AIO diaperMy thoughts on the Smart One diaper.:
Overall this was a pretty nice diaper. I did have problems with my boys leaking out of this. But I typically have to add extra soakers to their normal diapers anyways so I think if I had one of their Smart Boosts to go in this it would have held better for them. The cotton/hemp blend is pretty soft and dried fairly quick for an AIO diaper. I did like this diaper more on my 9 month old than my toddler. Mainly because it fit better on my younger guy. Also when ever I put this on my toddler he would complain that it hurt him and he would either rip it off or ask me to take it off. I'm not sure if it was because of the different material or the thickness of it but he didn't want it on. I really liked the placement of the thigh snaps on this diaper. They worked great for my chunky thighed baby and great for my skinny leg 2 year old. (The Smart One costs $20 and comes in 4 colors and 4 sizes.)

Okay on to the Smart Fold and Smart Cover:

I was pretty surprised at the size of the Smart Fold. It was really big! I thought for sure that it would be really bulky but its not. The Smart Fold is made of the same Organic cotton and hemp fleece material as the Smart One. So its pretty soft.

Their Smart Cover has the same snap set up and system as their Smart One AIO diaper so I will spare you the double reading. :) I liked the feeling of this cover it was really soft and it has a liner on the inside so you don't have to feel the PUL.

Here is a picture of the snaps...same set up as the AIO for the legs and thighs. This does however have snaps to adjust the rise!Cross over tabsHere is a picture of the cover with the Smart Fold inside. If you look close you can see the snap on the left side above the elastic for the thigh adjustment. I have it set on the bigger setting.
I just tri-folded the smart Fold and placed it right on the cover.
Then I pull the Smart Fold up over my boy
Then Pull the cover up and I have to fold the top of the Smart Fold over about an in and a half so its not to long. Then I snap the cover on.
The Smart Fold is nice and trim

My thoughts on the Smart Cover and Smart Fold:
When I started off cloth diapering I used prefolds and covers so we go a ways back. I feel like I know a good amount of information about prefolds so to be able to review a non-typical prefold was nice. When I got the prefold I thought wow this ting is huge! It was way bigger than my medium size Planet wise wet bag. I thought for sure it would be bulky and not work good at all. Wow, I was so wrong! This prefold is not your typical cotton prefold. It is made of the organic cotton and hemp fleece blend. So it doesn't ahve the 'weave' to it like a DSQ prefold or Bummis prefold. This also is one whole piece where are other prefolds are made by layering material together, you have probably seen the 4x8x4 on packages showing the thickness of the prefold. So because its all one piece there are no 'fold' lines. This is nice for being able to fold the diaper any way you want with out having extra bulk from the seams in the middle of the diaper. This is a rectangle so you can fold it to be longer and skinnier or shorter and wider. It was kind of long still on my 9 month old so I had to fold it over in the front a little which is fine because he needs more absorbent material in the front. For my toddler because he need a bigger rise the prefold didn't need folding under the cover. The Smart Cover had a nice fit. I like that it had an adjustable rise on it. The leg snaps are great just like on the AIO. One thing I did not like about the snaps was that they were 'exposed' on the inside and left red circles on my guy's tummies from where the snaps were pressing against their skin. It was the back smooth side of the snap that is against them so not anything that is going to cut into them. I don't think I ad any leak issues with the cover. Probably because the amount of liquid the Smart Fold holds. Never once when I have changed my boys after wearing this was the entire thing soaked. Usually after a nap in a prefold the entire thing is drenched but the back of this was still dry. Very impressive. I know for sure that I will be getting a few more of these Smart Folds at my diaper party on Tuesday.

If you would like to purchase a Smart Bottoms diaper go here. You will have to purchase through a consultant so you can just send an email to the company and they will get you set. And Don't worry because Christy is awesome to work with!

*This review is entirely of my own. I received the diapers free of charge for the purpose of this review. I was not compensated in any way. My experiences may differ from yours.*


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