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January 21, 2011

Sprout Change Review

I was super excited to try out this one size diaper from Sprout Change. Quite a few details about this diaper intrigued me:
  • The fact that the shell is reversible (I love color and the one I picked out, Chili Pepper, definitely packed a punch! And the fact that EITHER color could show...be still my beating heart!)
  • It is one-size (having two in diapers, I love anything that I can share between the two!)
  • Made in the USA (wooho!)
The best way to explain how this works is pictures (I'm a visual person, so I wish I had a tutorial like this as I was figuring the diaper out!)

You get the shell and booster - hello color! See those green snaps? Pop em open...
Here is the hidden location of how you change the size! I confess. This was super hard for me. I claim that I have giant thumbs (and you know how some people have "two left feet"? I have two left hands. Clumsy!) I fumbled with this thing for a couple days before getting it right....
There are three bands of elastic - one at the waist and one for each leg. There are small buttons on each side of the waist, and then one at each leg (at the top of the waist). So, where the green snaps were, inside there there are 2 small buttons, that is where the elastic hooks and you adjust the size.

My set came with a hemp booster, but you can use inserts from other pocket diapers or even prefolds! You lay the booster (insert/prefold) inside...
Fold and snap! One side facing out, the shell closely resembles a side snapping diaper.
While the reversed side is closer to, but not exactly like, a front snapping diaper.
Now, onto the baby! First up, my "infant", clocking in at 18ish pounds and 5 months, this diaper is a great fit! I probably could have tweaked the size a bit more, but, we experienced no leaks whatsoever!
As you can see it is a very trim fit! (ignore the previous diaper markings on his legs - those are NOT from the Sprout Change!)
Here you can see how the booster goes on - it stays in place very well on an infant who isn't moving around too much (you know, once the shell is on...)
Time for more color - still a great fit with the snaps more towards the front.

The back fit a bit funny when it was reversed, but he was in this diaper for quite a while on a number of occasions on both sides to truly test it out...no leaks! Thanks to the double-layer PUL!
The only thing that slightly bothered me was I could never get a snug fit across the tummy. If you look closely to the left hip in this picture, you can see some gap. I was so worried all diaper contents would come out of that gap, but they never did! I tried resizing the waist, but it was either way more gap or entirely too tight, with still a gap.
Now we move onto my toddler, clocking in at 32lbs and 2.5years. I went ahead and moved the elastic all the way out (look closely and you can see the white buttons I mentioned earlier - hard to get a good picture of those!)
This fit him a little funny with the hemp booster, but a prefold was way too big and bulky - almost as if he had maxed out the size of the shell even though it goes to 40+lbs (he does have a "high rise", so that may contribute).
It was a great fit on the back though!
Still nice and trim!
Even in pants - no bubble butt (if that is a worry for yo!)

I really love this diaper, but mostly on my 5 month old, it's just a odd fit on my toddler. I found the adjusting between sizes, to go daily between 18lbs and 32lbs, very cumbersome. However, to use on a single baby and just adjust as needed as the baby grows, this would make a great diaper for your stash! The double layer PUL really makes this a solid diaper - many uses, various lengths, very heavy wetters and no leaks!

Sprout Change offers a variety of sets to round out your cloth diaper stash! Not to mention a variety of colors!

Disclaimer: I received a Shell & Booster from Sprout Change free for review. All opinions are my own and you may have a different experience.


Timmi said...

I left a link to the product that I liked. They were training pants that look nice. I'm curious how those would fit on your toddler as compared to the diaper. (hint hint)

Unknown said...

I'm picking up what you're throwing down, Timmi! :-D I'll see what we can do! Thanks!