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March 31, 2012

Tots Bots Easyfit AIO Diaper

So I can easily say I am one of the biggest fans of the TotsBots easyfit diapers. They have fit my son wonderfully from about 5 months old when we got our first one:

and even now as he is approaching 2 years old (GASP).
Thats the same diaper on his bum in both pictures! Can you believe it? And get this, there is still plenty of room for him to grow in it as he is only on the middle rise setting for snaps and the waist still has plenty of room to open up. He is a big boy too weighing in around 32 pounds!

So you might be wondering why I love the easyfits so much. Let me share a little with you about them. The have the best aplix (velcro) I have ever used on a cloth diaper. They are still super sticky and stay closed while washing. I also love them because they are super trim, nice and absorbent and I love their prints and colors. They do not offer a stay dry feel to them but that has not really been an issue for us. We did go through a heavy wetting phase where DS was peeing though the easyfits but I was able to solve that problem with an extra hemp insert shoved in the pocket and BOOM! No more leaks!

So enough about why I love easyfits and onto something quite exciting. You can find my last easyfit post here where I introduced something big and exciting that was happening with the easyfit diaper: A new and exciting look to the easyfit diaper as well as awesome new prints with a fun fairy tale theme.

Shortly after Totsbots made the announcement I was contacted by Bummis (the North American distributor of the easyfits) to see if I would like to review one of the new easyfits...Well YES! I was so excited (you can ask the other contributors and my family, they will tell you how excited I was). I almost couldn't believe it until I had this lovely diaper in my hands! A red TotsBots Easyfit Cloth Diaper...I let my son pick out the color.
Now I am going to focus on the major changes of this diaper. The first change that you will notice is the color difference of the snaps and aplix. I have the below picture the new diaper(left) and the old diaper (right) to compare the different features. The new version has aplix and snaps that match the color of the PUL. So the purple diaper has purple snaps and aplix, green has green snaps aplix etc. The new version is quite red compared to the old version but I like it.
The next huge difference is the inside of this diaper. They went from a bamboo/microfiber insert to a minky insert. It is supposed to hold about 20% more liquid than the old version. Plus the minky also matched the color of the outside of the diaper! It adds a nice fun pop to the inside of the diaper. One thing I love about the minky is that is it so much easier to clean off than the old version when it comes to the whole poo issue. It just sprays right off and it is way less likely to stain. I found the bamboo insert to be notorious for becoming stained and horribly hard to get the stain to disappear but the minky will help to prevent a lot of that...trust me...DS has put stains to the test.
Another part of this diaper I noticed that was different was the back flap of the diaper that covers the pocket opening. It went from a micro-suede type of material to a more nylon/spandex kind. ( I don't know the actual names of the materials). I don't really think this will play much difference in the performance of the diaper.
Here is a close up of the materials on the back flaps. The new diaper is on the top, the old diaper the bottom.
I opened up both diapers all the way. The lengths of the inserts are pretty much the same. The old version was a tad shorter probably due to shrinking in the wash. Other than that I would say the inserts are pretty much identical as far as sizing goes.
I also wanted to check the diapers to see if the sizing was the same. The new diaper is on the bottom and the old diaper is on the top. I am not sure if the old diaper is just made a tad bit smaller or if it has shrunk a little in the wash but it is a little smaller across the front waist and the back side as well.
Here is a close up of the super soft minky. I love it! Even after washing it and line drying (where normally diapers get kind of crunchy) this remained soft.
Here is one thing that I am not sure I am to fond of. The old style easyfits were made with a thicker sturdier PUL (the bottom PUL in the picture). It was stretchy and I was always able to get a great fit. The new PUL ( the top PUL in the picture) is now different. If you currently own any of the easyfits and have one of their Brown, Purple, or Kelly Green easyfits the PUL is the same as the new easyfits. If you have their old colors or prints you will have the old version of the PUL. The new version is a lot stretchier, which isn't a huge deal but I think it feels a little bit less durable. I almost feel worried that I'm going to snag it when I am stuffing the insert. I haven't had issues with my brown or green diapers so its not that big of a deal but I really liked the old style PUL better.

Getting a picture of DS wearing the diaper is a little tricky but it fits him just like the other easyfits that we have. I will try and get a picture of it on him soon! Over all I would say that I am happy with this diaper and the new features of it. I love the colored snaps and aplix. I would love to see the snaps come in contrasting colors to the PUL that would be really fun. The new version also hold a lot of liquid and we haven't had any issues with leaking with it. I also love the lack of staining we have gotten and trust me DS has tested that out with his teething blow outs! YUCK! I am really excited to see the new prints that Totsbots has come up with as well as the rest of the colored easyfits.

A special thanks to Bummis for giving me the chance to test out and review this diaper! I really feel lucky!


Délice said...

Boo!! Totally bummed about the PUL difference!! I am like you, I much prefer that old kind! Thank you so much for this detailed and helpful post!! Not sure if I'm a fan of the new version, yet... Or the minky insert... But it's so awesome to read about it, so I can figure it out! Easyfits are my #1 faces!!

Kristina said...

I do like the minky on these. i think they will not wear out as quickly as the microfiber/bamboo combo that they currently have plus I heard it holds about 20% more liquid which is nice.

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