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March 20, 2012

Amyzing Creations - Review

One of my favorite things about being the WAHM contributor is finding local talent. Amy from Amyzing Creations is no exception! She's local to me (and it was so fun to discuss local things in the midst of diaper emails!) and has an etsy shop full of amazing (um, I mean amyzing!) finds - from adorable bibs and dresses for baby to bags and wallets for mom.

The fact that she makes and sells Nifty Nappy diapers stood out the most to me. I remembered that Vilate had said in the past that she was no longer going to be making NN's, but I never really heard what happened. You can read HERE what she decided on, but in summary, she decided to do a Cottage License - basically selling the rights to make and sell NN's (but not without 'auditioning' first!)

So, after much discussion - Amy surprised me with a Groovy Guitars OS AI2, and I quickly fell in love.

I had acquired a NN OS Fitted when my Benjamin (now 3.5years) was about 18 months, and fell in love with it (and again, when I could use the same fitted on my itty bitty 7 pounder). I was so excited to give the OS AI2 a whirl.

Here is the OS AI2 in all it's Groovy Guitar awesomeness. The PUL is hidden so it can last longer and the outer (fun) cotton knit is great because it stretches (you'll see in a minute!)
I love all the snaps! This allows for a fantastic, snug fit.It is so trim. I wouldn't believe it without seeing it.
The behind -
A close-up of the awesome back elastic - The inside of the cover is an incredibly soft microfleece.
The insert for the AI2 simply lays inside the cover - The insert -
It is made up of a layer of Organic Hemp Fleece and a layer of Organic Bamboo Velour.
It is also sewn together at one end - less work for you during the folding process, but also allows the insert to dry more quicklyAnd you might be wondering how this particular AI2 can be a OS without any rise snaps:Simply fold down the front to where you want it to sit and it can be easily adjusted from 7lbs to 35lbs! As for the insert, just fold as needed.

My youngest is 19 months and about 28lbs.

Here you can see how the cotton knit s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-s across the tummy allowing for a super snug, secure fit!
Unfortunately, one of the best shots I could get of my guy To me, the NN AI2 fits like a dream. It stretches to fit and is snug and secure in all the right (and important!) places. Here are some more shots of how the AI2 clings to the legs/thighs and back:

So, how did it work? Amyzing ;) Seriously though, it really does withstand some long runs! I paired it with a hemp booster for an overnight trial and it worked great - no leaks whatsoever! The outside knit fabric was still dry, even around the edges.

I also love how soft the outside knit is - there is just something a soft, waterproof diaper that makes me reach for it more often than others.

I feel like I've been saying it a lot lately, but we definitely reach for this diaper before many others when we know it will be awhile before the next change. And, we are never disappointed!

I was so impressed with the AI2 from Amyzing Creations - I feel that Amy does an amazing job staying true to Vilate's Nifty Nappy style. I'm personally so glad that NN can live on through amazing women like Amy!

You can find Amyzing Creations via the following links:
Amyzing Creations etsy shop
Amyzing Creations on Facebook
Amyzing Creations on Twitter

Discliamer: I received one OS AI2 Nifty Nappy from Amyzing Creations for review. All opinions are honest my own and you may have a different experience.


Beth said...

I have four of the Nifty Nappy OS AI2s. I got them from a different retailer (can't remember which one) about 9 months ago. Mine have a pocket opening so I thought the insert should go in there. They leaked within minutes (as soon as my daughter peed). So then I tried laying the insert in the cover like you showed and they worked to much better but they still leak. If any moisture gets on the fleece lining of the cover, it wicks out onto the outside fabric. I know never to use them for naps, running errands, etc. because they're only good for a short time. I love them because they're so cute (Hello Kitty, skulls w/ hearts, groovy love, and owls) but I don't think they'll ever be great for us. I wish mine worked as well as yours do.

Beth R said...

Thank you!!!

Unknown said...

@Beth - I'm so sorry that you're having such trouble with yours! I know it is so frustrating to hear someone have a great experience with a diaper and wonder why yours doesn't' work the same!

Momarabbit said...

Thanks for the review and giveaway! I love Nifty Nappy products...fingers crossed
-Sherry W

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Love the photos. I am so new to blyth diapers and just doing research and info on what they are all like before we have another baby.
Kitsy airey (facebook)

Anonymous said...

Love the Beatles shirt w the diaper : D