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March 21, 2012

Bulletproof steps to clean!

Hello all!

Sorry this post is going to be "boring" - but hopefully really helpful!  We've had a lot of questions recently about getting rid of stink - both ammonia and "barnyard" funk.  While there are several options (RLR, blue Dawn stripping, bleach, etc.), I have found a fool proof method that really works for us - no matter the stench.  *We do have a "normal" washer, not an HE one...*

Without further ado, here is our bulletproof plan:

1. HOT wash diapers (wipes, inserts, wet bags, etc.) with 1 T. safe cloth diaper detergent.
2. HOT wash diapers (and all) with 3 T. detergent.
3. HOT wash diapers (etc.) with NO detergent and 3 drops of lavender essential oil.

This usually takes 4-5 cycles until everything is squeaky clean.  I don't do all 12-15 cycles at once - just go through steps 1 - 3, use the diapers, repeat steps 1 - 3, use the diapers, and repeat until they are no longer stinky.  This really works!  Once they are no longer stinky, I go back to our regular wash routine.  Curious about that?  Here it is:

1. HOT rinse
2. HOT wash with 3 T. detergent (currently Country Save)
3. Extra rinse

A note about lavender essential oil: it is a natural antiseptic/anti-fungal, safe for cloth diapers, and found at most health food stores or vitamin shops.

More questions?  Feel free to ask!


kkyc816 said...

for #2, what do you mean "and all" and the 3T detergent, cloth diaper safe or regular?

Love{&}Bugs said...

Is the lavender an essential part of this fool proof routine? I am allergic

Anonymous said...

Hello there! I didn't want to write (wipes, inserts, wet bags etc.) for each step. =) ALWAYS cloth diaper safe detergent! You could always try it without the lavender - I just know the antiseptic/anti-fungal is helpful. Good luck! -Joy