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April 1, 2012

MiMiJuMi Bottle

I love reading through parenting and baby related magazines. Not only can I get some great input on raising kids and fun things to do with my children but I also love to check out all the neat products that they feature. One that I kept seeing over and over was the MiMiJuMi bottle. I decided to check them out online and asked to do a review on one of their bottles. They agreed and sent me one to try out.

In the mail I got this adorable little milk carton looking box with their bottle inside. I have to say I was in love with the box! So cute!

*All pictures were taken from the MiMiJuMi website. I took pictures and then lost them all! Plus I think their pictures are way better than mine!*
The bottle is very simple. There are three parts to it. The lid, the nipple and the bottom cup that holds the milk.  My other bottles that I have contain...oh...6 parts and lets just say I can't stand washing them. So washing this bottle was very easy to do. Plus there are not a lot of crevices for milk to get stuck in and dry up in so that also helps for easier washing.

The Bottles nipple is very simple as well. It was designed to look very similar to the mothers breast which is helpful when nursing. The bottoms of the nipple is harder and as you go closer to the tip where the baby sucks it gets a lot softer. The nipple comes in 3 different flow stages.

The MiMiJuMi bottle comes in two different sizes. The "Not so Hungry Bottle" and the "Very Hungry Bottle" The sizes are 4 ounces and 5 ounces. Which are clearly marked on the side. The bottom of the bottle has a red skid free base. It is also designed for easy washing as well. We don't have a dish washer so the easier to wash the better!

So how did the MiMiJuMi bottle work for us?
Overall I was very please with this bottle. It is very cute and I love the design of the bottle and packaging. I also enjoy the simplicity of washing this bottle. Compared to some of our other bottles that are just tons of work to wash this one is so quick and easy. We don't have a dish washer so everything is washed by hand. When I first got the bottle and was examining it I was pretty impressed with how the nipple was similar to a breast. Granted every woman's body is different but the soft feel this bottle has was neat. I don't have a newborn yet but I loaned this to a nursing mom friend of mine to review for me. Here is what her daughter experienced:
-While using the bottle baby enjoyed it and you can tell the size of the nipple was much more related to a mom rather than the small nipples other bottles come with. Her baby is very particular about bottles and this was one of the few that she would eat from.
-They found that while eating from this bottle that the nipple did seem to get be a little to soft and would almost be hard to baby to get a grip on to suck from but after using it for a little while she would get the hang of it and was able to enjoy her milk.


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