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April 9, 2012

Newborn Series: Blueberry Mini Deluxe

*This is a preview of the Blueberry Mini Deluxe newborn diaper. *
*After our baby arrives in June I will update the NB diaper series with our experiences of all the diapers we have tried out.*

A little about the BlueBerry Mini Deluxe NB diaper:
-Fits up to 15 pounds
-Has three snap down rise settings
-Inside layer is microfleece
-Mini version of the Blueberry OS diaper

Below you can see the Blueberry NB diaper. I love that it offers the three size setting options on such a tiny diaper. I bought this diaper used from my sister in law after my niece outgrew it. Its brown with pink dots and pink snaps. Here below it is pictured in its largest setting. While reading about this diaper on another blog I found the following comparisons:

Open to the largest setting this diaper is comparable to a size 1 disposable diaper
Snapped to the middle rise setting this diaper is comparable to a size newborn disposable diaper

and snapped down to the smallest rise setting this diaper is compared to the preemie size disposable diaper.This diaper feature two rows of snaps across the waist, and elastic across the back.
Close up of the snaps
The inside is lined with a nice soft fleece to help baby to stay dry.

How I think this diaper will work for us:
overall I think this diaper will be a successful one for us. I normally have bigger babies so having the ability to adjust the rise on this diaper to make it more functional for us is a big plus. Also, because it is a pocket diaper it will allow us to adjust the absorbancy of it easily enough. With the stay dry micro fleece on the inside this might also be a great night time option.

You can purchase a Blueberry Mini Deluxe diaper from Blueberry Diapers or one of their retailers. They are 17.95 new but if you look at the bottom right hand corner of their page you can sometimes find them in their clearance/seconds sales for a better price. You can also occasionally find them used on various swap site but I don't see them that often there.

*This is a preview of the Blueberry Mini Deluxe newborn diaper. *
*After our baby arrives in June I will update the NB diaper series with our experiences of all the diapers we have tried out.*


Julie said...

Thanks for outlining the Blueberry Newborns. I'm looking forward to your follow-up comments when your little one is born.

I think the rise snaps are such a great idea on newborn diapers!

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