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April 10, 2012


If you've never heard of Scentsy before, Scentsy warmers are a safe alternative to traditional candles. The scents are produced by wickless candles that are heated in warmers using low-watt light bulbs. The bulbs heat the wax to body temperature, so you won't get burned if the wax falls on your skin (this is truth - I'm clumsy and I've spilled the wax enough times, haha!)

You might be wondering what in the world Scentsy has to do with cloth diapering. Well, in our home, it has just about everything to do with diapering! We keep Caedmon's dirty diapers in our hall bathroom, but the wet bag we have, the zipper is broken, resulting in a stinky smell! This also happens to be the bathroom that Benjamin & Keaton use (two preschool boys = more stinky haha!)

Last year I hosted a Scentsy party in hopes of earning some freebies to help freshen up this room in our home. I had tried other air fresheners, but was very unhappy with the end result - either I could still smell stinky diapers or the scent was very chemical-like. I was taking a chance with a Scentsy party - I had never smelled the products, but had friends who raved about them.
Warmers come in various sizes and designs. There are probably as many different Warmers as there are Scents - and there is something for everyone - Floral, food, nature, manly, and more!

When my party was over and all my goodies arrived, I was anything but disappointed! The scents were AMAZING. And the end result was no more stinky bathroom!

I wish I could explain how incredible the scents are! Sugar Cookie, Sticky Cinnamon Bun, and Cherry Limeade are a few of my favorites. Think about what these things smell like...and you have Scentsy!
We have another Warmer in our kitchen (I tend to use this when I'm chopping onions or working with other stinky foods!) but the Warmer in our bathroom literally runs 24/7 (unless we are out of town). The bathroom warmer is a Plug-In Warmer and does an awesome job of scenting up the majority of our home!
If you are interested in purchasing Scentsy for yourself, please visit my friend Penny's website, or feel free to message her through her Facebook page for more information on products, purchasing, or hosting your own party!

Have you tried Scentsy before? Do you use anything to mask the scent of dirty diapers in your home?

Please note, when visiting Penny's website, she is located in Canada. To get correct pricing, please click the "Country/Language" icon at the top right corner of the webpage. Enter US or CAN (where ever you happen to be!) and shop away!

Disclaimer: I received many items from 2 different parties I hosted - Items purchased and earned. I was not compensated for this review. All opinions are my own and honest. You may have a different experience.


Cooking Rebel said...

I am a huge fan of Scentsy Products. So much I became a consultant myself. I'm in the US though.
I love the room spray for a quick pick me up after a dirty diaper. It's an instant aroma-lift for the room.
Nothing compares to the steady scent of the warmers though. The warm glow of a low watt bulb that gently warms the wax to safely disperse scent.

I could go on and on about what I love. lol It's why I started selling too.

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