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January 31, 2013

Yummi Pouch

Introducing the Yummi Pouch!

The Yummi Pouch is a reusable food squeeze pouch that encourages kids to eat healthy snacks when on the go. They are reusable, refillable and resealable and they don't cost a lot so if you need to toss one out, you can! They are 100% recyclable too. We were sent a Yummi Pouch tester so the actual product that you get may look a little bit different than ours. They come with a cap as well.

 A little break down of the Yummi Pouch: the spout-seen on the left side of the pic is very similar to the grocery store pouches that you can purchase. They fit the attachable spoons as well. It is unique in the fact that is on the side. This seems odd but it works really well. The opening is at the top. It has a sturdy seal that has kept all messes inside. It also opens wide enough that you can easily fill it. Yummi Pouch does offer a Filling Funnel Pitcher for sale as well. The Yummi Pouch can hold 6 oz easily and has an area at the bottom that widens so that it can stand while you fill it.

Kynlie sips a smoothie we made...it was a little tart!  

She had a lot of fun drinking from her "big girl" sipper. She thought it was fun to get her own special thing to eat from. They have a unique set up so she held it sideways in order to drink it. 

The Yummi Pouch was nice because it didn't become inflated with extra air. It stayed nice and flat and I like that you can see how much is left. I also liked that you can stand it up. The bottom opens up to create a base which worked great for filling.

The spout is perfect for little ones to slurp from.  

I was a little worried about the seal at the top coming undone while she squeezed it but we have not had any problems at all. It has a nice tight seal and no liquids were able to sneak out.

We made a blueberry smoothie with strawberries and I thought we might get some staining but it rinsed out nice and clean with some soapy water and a little wipe through with a bottle brush.(Which worked perfectly to clean it out) Yummi Pouches are dishwasher safe if you'd rather do that but in my experience with dishwashers, you'll get more life out of them by handwashing.

This was the only issue we had...Kynlie squished it a little too hard and it squirted out the spout and all over the wall and stool. Oops. I think you'll get that with most food pouches.

Yummi Pouch Wins:
*Dishwasher friendly/cleans easily
*Freezer Friendly (make up a big batch!)
*BPA-free and phthalate free

Yummi Pouch Opportunities:
Not spill proof
Caps do not attach to the pouch (make sure you keep away from little ones)

1/2 cup Blueberries (fresh or frozen)
4 large Strawberries
1/2 cup Apple juice
1/2 banana
Add all to a blender and puree. Fill your Yummi Pouch and enjoy!
You can find more Yummi Pouch recipes here.

Overall we have had great success with our Yummi Pouch. These would be great for a mama who wanted to make homemade baby food and not pay the price of the expensive store pouches. They are wonderful to reuse and refill. I love that you can fill them up and put them in the freezer until ready to eat. We took one out in the morning to add to our diaper bag and by snack time, it was perfect to eat!
You can purchase your Yummi Pouches here and find them on Facebook.


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