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January 17, 2013

What I love-Jen

Jen's Favorites

One of my favorite times of the year is when we get to tell you our favorites when it comes to cloth diapering. I can tell you that it is very hard to choose because I honestly love cloth diapering and have been very pleased with just about every diaper that we put on Kynlie. I am truly addicted to cloth diapering!

Prefold: We currently only have one prefold in our house and it is the Smart Bottoms smartfold. It is made of organic cotton and hemp so it is super absorbent! We love this prefold for overnights. You'll never have another night time leak again! 

AI2Grovia hybrid-you can choose from hook and loop, snaps, stay dry inserts or organic. We love our snaps with the organic insert! We have the older style print called Mod flower and they do have some adorable new prints out as well!

AIO: I am a huge AIO fan so this is very hard for me to pick! I love the ease in which you can throw the diaper on and how quickly they are to put away after washing. Our favorites right now are Chelory AIO SD and Tots Bots with snaps.

Pocket: We are slowly moving away from pockets but I really still enjoy Fuzzibuns perfect size and Sunbaby diapers. 

WAHM: Chelory-She makes AMAZING diapers. She recently bumped up production and you can get them at any time (with some exceptions). We love the AIO style in both organic and stay dry. I can't get enough of them! We love the SD for overnights but the organics also work well. Both hold more wetness than any diaper I have ever tried-and that is a LOT!

Detergent: I have tried many different kinds of detergent but Kynlie does the best with Ecosprout

Butt Cream: Grandma Els-this stuff is amazing. It has always worked well for us. I do have a review coming up for LuSa Organics Booty Balm and I am really happy with the results so far!

Wet Bag: Amp diapers wetbags. I love the ease of these wetbags. I fold my wetbag up and use the handle to hold it all together when I through it in the diaper bag. It washes easily and keeps the stink out!

Pail Liner: We love our Planetwise pail liner. It is still super stretchy and has never had any stink or stain issues. I also love that you can get several prints. I may need Hedgehogs next!

Wipes: I have some flannel wipes that work great for us. For disposable wipes that take 3-4 to get the job done, I have found it only takes one cloth wipe! Talk about awesome!

Wipes Solution: I generally like to dissolve some wipes cubes into warm water and squirt it over the wipes that are in a plastic tub but lately we just use warm water.

Daddy Friendly Diaper: My hubby actually prefers anything with snaps! He generally goes for an AIO though. 

We'd love to hear some of your favorites! Share them in the comments or on facebook!


Stacey said...

Do you use the snaps in the Chelory AIO SD or just with the Tots Bots? I like the durability of snaps, but having some velcro diapers is nice for Grandma to use. Just wondering if you have had any luck with applix. Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Chelory has the BEST aplix! We love the great fit we get with aplix diapers and these stay looking nice!

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