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January 29, 2013

Fun Bites Luv It Bites

Luv it!

If your kids are anything like mine...they eat better when it is fun. I was able to review the Fun Bites in Luv It just in time for Valentines Day. We have used it several times with several different types of food. The kids LOVE the heart shapes and have fun "playing with their food" to make the heart puzzle. 

Here we made mini pizzas with some biscuits and then cut them out using the LuvIt FunBites

The bottom of the FunBites is curved so you use a rocking motion to cut all the way through the food you are making. 

You put in the pusher piece to pop out the food in fun shapes!


Here we made an entire Valentines Day lunch (perfect for a snow day!)

Tortillas make a perfect cut out to make a heart puzzle-Mommy let us play with our food! 

We had Valentine candy corn...

Pink pudding

We did just the small hearts out of apples and strawberries! Yummy!

Our FunBites food!

Lincoln is ready to celebrate!

Kynlie and Nyla dress up like princesses for our fancy lunch!

Her favorite-FunBites heart apples!


You can cut out lots of shapes and have your little ones make creations.
Stack them up high with skewers.
Make a heart puzzle. What other things can you make from the heart cut outs?
Create scenes.

You can use it on any types of food. Here are some of our favorites:
tortillas, cheese, biscuits, pancakes, bread/sandwiches, fruit, and brownies

Some unique features:

The bottom is curved so you use a rocking motion to cute through the food. 
(Watch little fingers as you are cutting)
There is a special "popper" that pops the food out after cutting.
They are made of a durable plastic that can handle just about anything!
 (We've had ours dropped a few times!)
Encourages kids to try new foods because it is in fun shapes!

Some (extremely) minor issues:

Washing was tricky with the popper part. 
(We ended up using part of a bottle brush to reach those tiny crevices)
Only two styles to choose from! (I hope they make more!)

Overall we LOVE our Luv It FunBites. We have used it at almost every meal for part or all of the kids food. We let our 5 year old help with some of the cutting but you do have to use a little bit of force to cut through some things. 

FunBites is offering free shipping to our CDA blog readers! Just enter ValentineFun at checkout!

FunBites is also offering one Luv It FunBites as a giveaway to a lucky reader just in time for a special Valentines Day. All entries are mandatory. 

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