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May 24, 2012

Chelory All In One Diaper


If you have not heard of Chelory, you will not want to miss this! I was given the wonderful opportunity to review the NEW stay dry AIO diaper that Rachel, at Chelory, will be releasing in early June. I have fallen in love with this diaper and hope that I can score more during her special stocking times. Stockings occur on her Hyena Cart page and is announced on the Chelory facebook page 24 hours in advance. At this time, there is a limit of two diapers per day.

A little bit about the new stay dry AIO. This diaper looks a lot like a BGE (which are one of my personal favs) but absorbs so much more (need I say NEW FAV!!). The outer printed material is poly PUL. This specific print is called Sound Waves-gorgeous!! The inner materials are bamboo and zorb. This was the first time that I have used any zorb and I am extremely impressed. We used this diaper quite a few times overnight and had no leaking issues at all. And finally the stay dry layer is a wicking jersy. The entire diaper is so super swishy!

Here is another pic of the inner. You can see it has two layers sewn together at the ends. This creates that extra oomph of absorbancy. When it comes to drying time, it is relatively quick for its thickness. You just flip the sewn in middle around the back of the printed side and hang to dry. It won't dry as quick as a pocket but it will still be pretty reasonable. You can also throw it in the dryer on a lower heat setting.

Something that my husband is (actually) picky about when it comes to diapers is the waist snaps. He loves that it has a double row of snaps along the waist. This works best for us and we love that you can snap the top snap in one spot closer than the bottom snap if needed.

This is a one size diaper so it will fit from teeny tiny to rough and tumble toddler-hood. There are three rise adjustments to accommodate any size baby. I also love that there are three rows of rise adjustments as well. That is nice so you don't get that droopy middle section which always cracks me up with my Easy Fits.

All snapped up! I love this print!

Ready! Set! Action! This diaper goes a lot of places when it is on Kynlie's bum. Usually it goes pretty quickly because she is such a monkey! She knew Mommy wanted pictures so she is trying to get away! This is a super trim diaper considering all the layers for absorption.

As you can see, lots of movement and wiggling around, yet we never had any leaks-ever. I like to give the diaper the test of strength and I had Kynlie wear this for a long time. She wore it for 5 hours while we were out shopping. I was just in such a rush with toting around the other two with her that it just didn't cross my mind to change her! (And I felt bad about it until I finally changed her and realized she didn't leak AT ALL!! Then I only felt a little bad because I like to change her about every two hours.) Go Chelory!!

This diaper has a good snug fit around the bottom and around the legs. It stayed in place, no sagging, drooping or gapping at all. Kynlie is a pretty petite baby and doesn't always fit into diapers that well. This was an amazing fit for her. I can also imagine that it would fit a chunky baby as well because of the snap options that there are.

There is a good fit around the leg, both on top and bottom. The top has a bit of stretch so that it can be snapped snuggly at the waist and the bottom has elastic to completely cover the bum. We never had any red marks on the legs either.

Here is a picture of the side/front. It fits well around the tummy and we had no gapping there either. And it was really trim around the bum and front. There is also elastic along the back to ensure a snug and secure fit as well.

This diaper has become the fist diaper that I reach for as soon as it comes off the line!

Kynlie-where is your belly? Right here above this awesome diaper!

A Bit more about Chelory:

In addition to selling this new AIO, Chelory also sells an AIO that is a cotton fleece/bamboo diaper, as well as an AI2, wool diapers, leg warmers and several different styles of inserts.

Chelory also offers a 15 day Wash & Wear Money Back Guarantee to the original purchaser. If you're unhappy with your purchase, ship it back for a full refund. Although I highly doubt you'll need to use it!

My overview:

I was extremely excited when Rachel wanted me to review her new Stay Dry AIO and I am even more excited to get to share it with you. I absolutely love this diaper. I fully intend to be at my computer striking the F5 key waiting for the stocking to go live. I must own more of these!! You will not be disappointed in anything from Chelory. Here is a link to Chelory's store policy-one of the best I have seen from any WAHMs.
I highly recommend the new Chelory SD AIO.

Chelory's next stocking day has been announced early! It will be June 6th. Here is a post from facebook: "Next week's stocking on WEDNESDAY June 6th at 9:00pm Eastern is going to be a bit.....different. There will be a total of 75 diapers, of which 64 (YES! SIXTY FOUR!) will be All-In-Ones! 32 Chelory Organic AIOs will be available in both Snap and H&L Closures and 32 Chelory SD AIOs will be available in both Snap and H&L Closures."

You can check out which prints will stock here.

Let me know if you have any Chelory diapers and if you score one during the stocking day. Post some pictures on our facebook!


Rachel is generously giving away a SD AIO diaper in Sound Waves (just like mine) to one lucky follower! Fill out the form below for your chance to win!

Here are some links you may need:
CDA facebook
Chelory facebook
Chelory website


Rachel said...

Thanks SO much, Jen! I just LOVE the pics of your little sweetheart!


Samantha Pierce said...

Thank you so much for hosting this giveaway!

And thank you Rachel for being such a great sponsor :)

Jessi Gonzalez said...


Thanks and many blessings!
Jessi Greenmamajama

Frankie Jantz said...

Thanks for the giveaway!

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