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May 16, 2012

Calgary Cloth Diaper Depot - BambinoBUMS

 Calgary Cloth Diaper Depot emailed me asking me to review their BambinoBUMS laundry bag. I said sure of course! When I got the bag in the mail I was WOW'ed to say the least. This bag is HUGE!

Below you will see my 3 1/2 year old holding up the bag. It is about as tall as him. I told my SIL that I could fit both my boys into it and have a potato sack race!

 Here is the bag on the floor with 2 hotwheels cars on it to help show size as well.
 This bag also has two neat and handy features:
The first:
It shas a draw string closure on the top of the bag so when you put it into your diaper pail you can tighten the drawstring to get a secure fit. Or if you keep the bag just around with diapers in it you can tighten the drawstring and use the clasp to keep it shut so little hands don't go exploring in the bag.
 The second:
This bag features a zipper across the bottom of the bag. This is really nice so that once the bag is full all you have to do is unzip it over top of your washer and dump them out. No need to worry about reaching in to pull out the stubborn diaper that doesn't want to come out of the pail liner because everything falls out when you unzip the bag!
 Here is the draw string bunched up.
Once I got past the very large size of the bag and got to examining it I really was digging the endless possibilities that I would be able to use this bag for. There is of course the use of diapers, in or out of a diaper pail. But this would also be a great bag to take to the beach to fill with wet suits and towels. They would all fit in there great. Also a great camping laundry bag too! I am planning on sticking this into my hospital bag for when we have #3 in June and using it for our dirty laundry.

I was sent a BambinoBUMS bag free for review. All opinions expressed are my own and your experiences may differ from mine.