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May 7, 2012


 I am very excited to share this week with you a couple of new favorites of mine, PoopsieDoodles! The owner Noelle contacted me asking if  I would be interested in trying out and reviewing a couple of her diapers and I am glad I had the chance to do this. Noelle has been sewing diapers for over 2 years now and offers great products. The two diapers I was sent were the AI2 diaper (monkey print) and the fitted diaper (oogas).
 I will start with an into to the fitted diaper. For a fitted diaper it is pretty trim considering what all is inside of this diaper. It is a OS diaper that features a fold down rise. This fitted offers the AI2 style so the extra inserts snap into the outer shell. Below you can see the snaps on the back of the diaper for the inserts.
 The outside of the diaper is pretty basic. It has cross over snaps for the skinny babies and it offers three snaps on each wing which helps greatly with the terrible wing droop. I have had no issues with this fitted getting droopy thanks to the snaps. You can all see across the waist the two rows of snaps for the fold down rise.
 The inside of the diaper is a nice soft velour material in a great shade of bright green. I love this fabric for night time on my sons bottom. Even though it is not stay dry it does help a little with reducing the feeling of him being wet. 
 Now here is why this is my new favorite night time diaper. The diaper some with two inserts. A small size which is great for when you have the rise folded down (we haven't had to use that yet) and a large one for when the rise is up all the way. You can use one or the other or both at the same time.
 The large insert is on the left in the picture below. On each side of the tag you will see two snaps and then a second row of snaps below the tag. If you want to use both inserts at the same time you snap the insert that is on the right side of the picture onto the bottom row of snaps on the large insert then you snap the large insert onto the shell of the diaper with the four snaps on the top row. Seems so confusing but its not! Check out the video on PoopsieDoodles HC page for more info on how to use their great insert system.
 In the picture below you can kind of see how the fold down rise works. Just below the green waist line of the diaper on the ooga print you will see two snaps. You will fold over the waist and hook the snaps together. Then you secure the wings to the front. Once again, watch the video from PoopsieDoodles. She does a great job explaining how the system works way better than I can show you in pictures.

 The second diaper I was send was the AI2 OS diaper in the cool Monkey print. My son wanted to wear this one right away and kept taking from me as I was trying to get these pictures. Apparently he likes the monkeys! This diaper is also pretty trim, doesn't look to trim in the picture but once its on his bum it is. The leg area is nice because it has a nice fleece that goes against his skin to help keep him more comfortable.
 The front of the diaper has three rows of snaps to help pick the right rise setting that your little one needs. It also has two rows of snaps for the waist.
 Now the two rows of snaps that go across the waist on this diaper are really neat and different. On the left side of the diaper it has the 'male' snap and on the right side of the diaper it has the 'female' snap.

 The inside of the diaper is lined with fleece and then the inserts are made with bamboo and topped with velour. Super soft as well.
 This diaper also has the cool insert system as the fitted diaper and again you can watch the video here if you need to.
 Below is a little size comparison of the two diapers. The fitted is on the large setting and the AI2 is on the small setting. 
 Below they are both on the large settings.
 Here is the AI2 on my son. I have it on the middle rise setting for him and don't have problems with it leaking at that setting.
 As you can see the diaper is actually really trim on him.
 back side view
 front view...he is a tricky little dude to get pictures of.
 So now what you are wondering...
THESE DIAPERS ROCK! I have reviewed and tried out a good size selection of WAHM diapers and these two are by far my most favorite. The first thing I though when I took them out of the package after getting them was "Night time!" I never ever even consider using diapers for night time when I first get them and even after that don't even want to try it out in fear of knowing that they just wont work through the night on my heavy wetting son. But I didn't even hesitate. As soon as they were washed they were used for night time. And guess what...THEY ROCKED! They can hold so much pee it amazes me. I will honestly say that I probably only used the monkey AI2 diaper once during the day because I always use it for night time. The fitted has only been used at night time with a cover over top.

While emailing back and forth with Noelle I told her that these have replaced my other night time diapering system and she asked what that was that I had been using...SBISH, yeah this fitted diaper is (IMO) a way better solution for us then the SBISH. I like it more because its so much softer and doesn't get all hard after being peed in all night long like other fitted diapers do.

I has asked my husband to grab the fitted out of the diaper bag one night as we were getting the boys in their jams before heading home and he pulled it out and said "Wow, that is a really soft diaper!" Now take it as you may but my husband NEVER says anything about the diapers. (Thats my specialty.) So I was pretty impressed by that as well.

Okay enough talk and on to the great news. Noelle from PoopsieDoodles would like to give away a fitted diaper and an AI2 diaper. There will be two winners, each winner will receive one diaper. Pretty great I think! Plus if you don't want to worry about not 'winning' the diapers you can score a great deal anyways. Noelle has offered CDA readers a discount to use on your purchase!

To receive a 10% discount on a PoopsieDoodles diaper use the code "Blog05" at check out. The code will be good from May 7 until May 31.


I was sent two diapers free of charge from PoopsieDoodles, all opinions are my own and I was not paid to write this review. Your experiences may differ from mine.