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May 22, 2012

Cat in the Hat Party!

I think I'm getting addicted to planning kids' parties ;) I wonder if there is a market for this sort of thing? Haha! 

My oldest son turned 5 in April, and he had the hardest time deciding what kind of party he wanted. Originally, it was The Lorax (and I had a bajillion ideas!) and then he wanted Transformers (thanks, Daddy!) and then a fireman party...finally about 3 weeks before his birthday, we had a sit down and made him decide...

Cat in the Hat it was!

Thanks to Pinterest, I had no problem coming up with a ton of ideas (and pinning ones that I found in random searches). 

We had Thing 1 and Thing 2 cupcakes:
I used red velvet cake mix, red foil liners, vanilla icing and blue cotton candy. A friend printed "Thing 1" and "Thing 2" up for me and I used a paper punch to get perfect circles and then I used a black sharpie to outline the circles (to give a layered feel).

A close up of the tags…

My hubby slaved over the Cat in the Hat cups:
(we couldn’t find white electrical tape, which is what I envisioned, so Zach cut strips of white duct tape in half and stuck them on cups. No matter if your cups are circular or square, this will be a battle to the end, so be prepared) ;) 

Grandma acquired some paper Cat in the Hat hats from a fellow teacher for the kids and it was a huge hit!
Keaton, his best friend Jimmy, and 2/3 of his cousins, Karlie and Karis.

I made this super fun wreath (we intend to use it for all birthday celebrations from here on out!)
 a 12″ straw wreath, a TON of balloons  (approximately 300) and a ton of floral pins (and about 45 mins!)

We also strung a balloon banner this time:
Zach blew up the balloons and then threaded them with sewing thread and hung across our kitchen! Such a fun touch – they’re still up, a month later!

Blue and Red table cloths and red plates/napkins rounded out the color scheme.

My husband and brother-in-law led a super fun game. Half the kids were "cat" and the other half "fish". EVERYone was "cat in the hat". When you heard "cat", you had to switch spots with other "cat" people. When you heard "fish", you had to switch with other "fish" people. And when you heard "cat in the hat" - chaos ensued ;) Everyone had to switch spots. The kids were laughing so hard, and the parents were worn out! ;)

It was a HUGE hit with the pre-school crowd and Keaton LOVED it so much!

Happy 5th birthday my big boy!!!!!


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