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May 19, 2012

Mom 4 Life

I love finding websites that have a little bit of everything. Shortly after becoming a mom myself in 2007, I happened upon Mom 4 Life. I was floored by the product selection, but blown away that every thing was invented by moms! How cool is that?! Mom 4 Life is amazing in many other ways as well:
How incredible, right?!

I remember Mom 4 Life being one of the first sites where I started to look at cloth diapers, and they still have a great selection, along with accessories, including BabyLegs, detergent, wipes, sprayers, and more!

Mom 4 Life isn't just for the cloth diapering mom either! They offer so much more to help you along in your parenting journey. For the breastfeeding mom, they have LilyPadz and Hooter Hiders, WubbaNubs for some extra comfort for baby, and, if you're looking to get back to your pre-baby shape, Mom 4 Life sells the Belly Bandit as well!

A little something for everyone!
Stop by today and see what you can find that could help you as a mom, and help a mom in need as well!

Disclaimer: In return for sharing product links, I was compensated with a pair of BabyLegs. All opinions, though, are honest and my own.


Heather | Mom 4 Life said...

Thank you so much for the lovely post!!

Unknown said...

It was my pleasure :-) Thank you!

Unknown said...

Mom4Life is a great resource! I just stumbled on it myself the other day. I like how they have such a wide variety of products, and like you said they're created by other moms! You mentioned that they have the Belly Bandit and I thought it was an interesting concept, so I looked into whether or not the product works. Short story, it seems to for most women. Long story can be found at http://bowlfullofgiggles.com/belly-bandit.