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May 25, 2012

Friday Four!

Happy Friday Ya'll!

Fun for the kiddos: With the weather getting downright HOT this weekend - these sponge balls are sure to be a hit!  I have made a set for us (easy!) - now we just need to head outside and get wet!

Recipe to try:  Jello Cake is one of our FAVORITE foods of the summer.  We make it for EVERY picnic/BBQ/pool party that we go too! =)  The only difference from this recipe and mine, is that I don't add 1/2 c. cold water to the jello, just the hot.  Give it a try - it's super easy and refreshing!

Neat decorating idea: It's Memorial Day weekend!  Have any special plans?  We found a really neat idea last year that we'll be doing again this year - lawn stars!  They are fun and easy:  Cut a star shape out of some cardboard.
Use a water bottle to spray the star with water:

Use a sifter to sift flour onto the wet grass:

Repeat as many times as you wish!  We heard lots of positive comments as people were walking to watch the fire works. =)

Cloth diaper related: Two weeks ago (I have no idea where last week went - sorry!), I showed you the Bummis Stretch Bamboozle diaper.  We still LOVE it!  No leaks!  Here was the fun part about that shopping adventure...bumGenius had just announced their new deal - buy two Flip covers and get one free!  This has worked beautifully over our Bamboozles.  It seems that most retailers are offering this deal - so if you're in need of some covers - check them out!

Enjoy the long weekend!  -Joy