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March 16, 2011

Fluffy Monkey Butts Embelished Prefold

Fluffy Monkey Butts recently came out with a new product: Embelished Prefolds. Now I have used prefolds numerous times but never have I had an embellished one. When I got this in the mail I thought it was the cutest thing ever! Why would you want to use it on the baby's bum? But I did, because after all that is what it's for. Here is the prefold. It has a nice soft flannel as the backing material in a super cute blue and brown square print. Then it has a nice soft minky dot material down the center.

close up
back side
I love minky material. Its so soft and cozy and washes up nicely. Plus the Poo falls off it too.
When I first tried the prefold on my son I will be honest and say that I put the minky on the outside. I didn't know which side when what way and I figured the flannel would be more absorbant and faster absorbing. I contacted the ladies behind Fluffy Monkey Butts and asked them to see what way they make it to go. It is made to go with the minky against the baby's skin. To my son's wiggly butt's enjoyment we put the minky against him. I just have to say that getting this on him was a challenge because the minky is so soft and his favorite blanket that he sleeps with at night is also made of the same material so when I laid it under him he couldn't stop wagging his bottom side to side against the material. Quite the site for sure!

Anyways, Here is the prefold on my little wiggler. The prefold is a little bit long for him, which is fine for growing reasons. I just simply folded the top of it down as you can see my the brown minky showing. I tried this prefold with and without a snappi. I prefer it with out a snappi because I had the hardest time ever getting the snappi to hook onto the flannel material. I ended up having to stick my finger in the side of the prefold to push against the material so that it would hook. I normally would forgo the snappi on this prefold but wanted to get a picture of it on him.
The prefold has a nice trim fit to it. He has chunky thighs so the back side tabs were pulled as far up as they could go to attach the snappi.

Overall I am pretty happy with this prefold. I just had two issues with it. The first being that the snappi couldn't grasp the material and the second being that after one wash the seam came open and frayed at the edge. I believe what happened is that when being sewn they stitched to close to the edge causing the seam to not be sewn tight and secure enough. I just folded it in and resewed it up. I did contact them about that and they offered to fix it for me but I wasn't worried about that and said I would fix it myself.

The two ladies that own and run Fluffy Monkey Butts are fun to work with and are easy to contact and get a hold of. A great WAHM buisness.